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Hey everyone. We are here to film again today, and we’re going to do a shorty ‘do. We get asked for short hairdos ideas all the time. And this one’s a super simple easy one, and we’re going to call it single French back. But before we start the hairdo, I was going to share with you some funny things that have happened this week. First of all, we have Hairstyles number four. And show them what you did this week. Yeah, those two teeth gone. This week, huh, the tooth fairy had to come visit. And of course, my baby, Sweet Pea, turned one recently and also started walking. Now, for those of us that can’t seem to walk, I found this great new accessory.

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Check that out. Yeah. I’m apparently also learning how to walk because I tripped over a laundry basket of all things and broke my foot and now have a walking boot for six weeks. So there you go. Fortunately, it doesn’t inhibit my hands or our hairstyles. So on we go. OK, so for this one I started by just parting her hair. I did two parts even mid center on her head. So I have this little section of hair here. And you can tell I’ve already done a little bit of just a wave in her hair, just to add a little body and fullness. Now I’m just going to take a spray bottle and spritz it so I can comb these flyways she has a tendency to have into her hair. And I’m going to take a little banana clip and clip one here and one here, just to help me hold that part. And then I’m just going to begin a simple French braid starting in the front. And if you don’t tip up just for a little bit. There you go. If you don’t know how to French braid, I have a post that I will link you to. This is just going to be a basic French braid, and I’m actually going to do an innie French braid. And I’m just going to do it right down the smack dab middle of that center section. Now, you’ll notice I’m just going to where the part lines are, which is why these clips help, picking up hair and pulling them in.

And we’ll just form the braid. Now, I’ve seen versions of this on older girls where you can also do one or three, which is also a fun look to do, one down the center and then one on each side. I know Nicole that was on Dancing with the Stars and also what’s the group she’s in? Pussycat Dolls. She does that one a lot, with the three braids on the top of her head. And it looks really fun and cute. And it’s also a great one for kids that are athletic, that have gymnastics, soccer, sports activities, anything like that, to help hold away the hair from the face. And if you’re also growing out bangs, it’s a great one. Do you have the clear rubber band? No. So I’m going to take a rubber band, just when I’m done, and secure it. You can use a clear rubber band if you don’t want it to show quite as much. And there you go. And just take the clips out. Fluff up the hair on the sides a little bit. And you’re ready to go. This is one of my favorite quickie in the morning, she needs something done with their hair, easy for school. And it’s a really good one for short hair. We hope you love, and we’ll see you in our next post.

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