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Hey guys. So for today’s post I honestly have a guest on my My blog I’m. So excited for this because you guys have been dying, and asking for me to do a post with my sister, and she actually has her own My blog My blog now. So she’s a little bit more comfortable on camera. So we’re gonna be doing a Q&A. So I asked you guys to ask me some questions on snapchat. So we’re gonna do that, and her commentrs, and her followers also asked her some questions. So we’re gonna be doing a part two like another Q&A on her My blog. So I’m gonna leave her My blog link down below alright. So let’s just go ahead, and get into some questions are you ready. ready we’re good okay. So the first question is what’s the biggest fight you got into, and how was it resolved oh boy I feel like we don’t really get into like really big fights at the another day I don’t think we like to argue with each other like I really think we always just want to be like friends all the time, and be super super close. So I just think that we just don’t like to argue next question is what is your favorite memory with each other from when you were kids I don’t know what mine is I didn’t think about this one had my favorite memory I think I don’t know if it’s a specific memory. But I just loved when amy was super super young like really small I would say like 2 or 3 years old because she was. So attached to me, and I loved that about it, and every time she was looking for someone which she was always looking for me. So I just think like I just loved that I always looked kind of being like a mom figure to her, and I just love how she kind of like just ran to me all the time yeah she definitely was like my mom like growing I mean obviously I have a mom yeah. But like she was like a big mother figure to me I don’t know maybe because you’re 4 or 4 years older than I am she definitely like was like that.

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But my favorite memory I don’t know what what’s my favorite memory that we had together I actually maybe like vacations like we’ve had a lot of really fun vacation yeah like like the Cuba beach dance party I think that I think like vacations, and I think just always being together like every single weekend we always had something planned, and we always will yeah, and going shopping a lot together yeah. So what’s your ethnicity, and can you speak another language love your posts much love from Las Vegas what’s our ethnicity we’re Portuguese we’re Portuguese, and can you speak another language I do speak Portuguese I speak a little bit of Spanish I’m trying to learn more because I’m obsessed with learning Spanish I speak like that I think you can speak Portuguese. But just not fluently. But other than that I don’t really speak I’m teaching yeah well it’s similar to Portuguese. So yeah I mean I get like a little bit. But not really I can’t really speak another language fluent describe each other’s personality in three words this is a good one Amy, and three words to describe Amy in three words she’s definitely very organised she is loyal oh you’re stubborn vine really yeah you’re stubborn you know what you want, and you will not let someone change you for you I would say kind um perfectionist, and adaptable that would be what I how I would describe you that’s. So true okay. So what’s one make a product that you each cannot live without I already know my answer to this one Oh God actually I have two products I would probably say for me I’m like debating over foundation or bronzer like I don’t know if it’s more important for me to have like a good base or if it’s like my contour I would say either or I yeah I think I know for you would be gloss gloss because you would Merida wear no makeup, and you would you would the clothes on I would say click yeah gloss for sure or highlighter like some days if I’m doing something quick I’m like let’s just put highlighter on my face, and you’ll still be blowing. So I definitely think that’s another one too yeah that’s a good one okay what’s your funniest or most embarrassing memory together we’re literally beavis, and butt-head like we are stupid, and silly when we’re together. So I feel like we have way too many funny memories. So it’s a good one I always say to Amy that like when I’m on my own I feel like sometimes I’m completely different, and as soon as we reunite we are two five girls I’m not like when we get together we’re like children yeah very immature yeah we change like these immature loser who just like make the stupidest jokes, and we laugh about the dumbest thing the only thing I can think of is when we wore the same outfit, and we went to the mall, and everyone kept called like everyone was staring okay.

That was. So embarrassing let’s tell that story it was like a green jumper right, and we know love jumper. So we’re in the mall we’re gonna safar went to Starbucks, and everywhere, and I can’t remember if we did we say we’re gonna wear the same thing I think we yeah like we didn’t I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea I don’t know why I was like yeah I’m down I don’t know I was just I was trying like I was like let me be out of my comfort zone. So I agreed to wear this, and I was shocked like I was shocked that you were going through with it because I’m like this new allegheny I agree well we did it, and we were walking around the mall, and I kid you not everybody in the bar waiting on us it was. So uncomfortable I get. So uncomfortable insecure like I hate me how many funds were we stocked are you guys are you guys are you aiming. But you were loving it like yeah you are having the time of your life you’re like I’m a superstar we’re wearing the same outfit, and I’m just like let me hide please I need to run away it honestly it doesn’t bother me you’re like this is like. So weird I don’t want to be in the same outfit as you, and I’m like that was. So amazing to me because you do not like attention yeah I don’t like attention I mean what’s like another funny memory we’ve had together oh my god this is a funny one. So when I was on vacation my friend of a we were gonna go when I was on I don’t know I don’t know what this is gonna be funny to you guys. But this is freaking hilarious to me. So when I went on vacation you know you see the same you see the same like staff members, and I met this he was a staff member I met him at night, and he was helping us whenever giving us drinks whatever. So he saw me at nighttime I had like a full be full face on of makeup the next morning this guy sees, and by the way like he like he knew me because he was constantly giving us hey how are you guys. So no we didn’t like make friends. But we made good acquaintances. So he knew me the next morning this guy sees me I’m wearing no makeup cuz I’m going to the beach I had like no makeup on you guys this guy walked right past me, and just looked at me like as if he didn’t me I legit think he did not recognize me with no makeup on be honest with you I was So traumatized I’m like did I really look that different um like Haley looks it away hey nah I don’t owe you an Omega boy I want to ask how your personal styles reflect on each of your personalities you guys have such both chic style thank you styles are really different that’s what our personality especially I think she’s asking how does our style reflect our personality for a me I definitely think I was gonna say this about her personality she loves love’s love’s to be comfortable that is how I would describe a me.

I think her style definitely reflects that you know what I mean. So if she is to style an outfit I think that comfortable is always on her mind kind of thing another thing I think because of that you love to wear black, and I think it’s because another thing about a Mia she loves to be safe yo black is definitely you can’t go wrong black is absolutely stunning it’s classic, and like you’ll love track pants. But now you’ll use them to style it, and use like that yeah yeah like you ain’t got the new trends to our campus um I thank you because now I can be comfortable, and I look like these trends that came out in 2019 this whole like casual making it cute I think that is. So you yeah like I’m like thinking Jesus well yeah now you can definitely do that. So I think that’s how you kind of your personality can next to how you’re dressing mm-hmm first step I would say she definitely is more like she likes a little bit more glam than I do I feel like you could totally live that lifestyle like the Kim Kardashian everyday full freaking glam like I feel like she could like she could be that she could live that lifestyle, and flourish she loves like the glam the glitz the you know, and that I feel like that reflects you because that’s your kind of your personality your a bit more fancy I guess the night yeah like I will stay in my fantasy world I would love to just get up, and have like this outfit prepared for me, and it’d just be a minute to me like walking on the streets like you don’t a me like I could totally see myself yeah. So in that way I feel like we’re very different. But we do have really similar style in the way where we both like neutrals we don’t really we’re colors we like to stick with like neutral shades, and a bit I would say look more feminine kind of like I love to look yeah I’m a bit more a little bit more edgy a little bit more edgy a little bit more I don’t want to see the word trendy. But like you have a little bit of that biker chicken yeah a little bit, and then your she’s a little bit more like feminine pretty I feel when I’m in that like it when I’m in your job look I feel a little bit weird like I would wear it like like I love a G a good jean jacket, and a leather jacket she know. So did you fight as kids I will say it’s funny because when Annie again was super super young I’m talking like 1 2 3 4 years old no because we were like glued to each other we didn’t really fight that much.

But I will say look what I what sticks out to me is we would fight like over the Nintendo stupid thing all the time we used to love playing Nintendo, and we would fight over who would get the controller stuff like that yeah yeah, and I literally you guys are gonna think I’m insane. But I remember biting my sister the camera randomly shut off. But I was pretty much telling you guys that the only thing I can think about that we really would like fight over is I would always steal her clothes like a lot of the times I would go in your closet literally take something that I wanted to wear, and the best part is I wouldn’t return it I would literally like own it like I would grab it, and take it away from you, and keep it in my drawer, and you would look for the shirt he would come in my room, and it would be in my drawer as if it was mine, and that would make you. So mad I know it killed me about me you yeah that’s the thing about set do you think what Steph is she’s such a giving person like she wouldn’t be. So mad that I would do that like very annoyed I’m I got mad. But she would like she would like let it go like Steph is the person she will give the clothes off her back for you she will bend over backwards for you she will do anything for anybody it’s true like I always describe her as a really selfless like really kind person. So that’s what she was like she’d be. So mad at me. But she bequite this shirt okay. So what annoys you most about your sister I think the number one thing that annoys me the most about Stephanie that I can think of like I thought long, and hard about this question, and I don’t know why. But I do smell Oh oh my god there’s two things Wow you know what this is getting no job I don’t know what oh it makes me want to die she’ll text you the driest responses, and it is. So rude in my opinion I’ll text her something, and her reply is lol I literally want to like try to go my place myself I’ll be on very honest with you you’re not a texter no not like I’m very I am a very nice person. But if I don’t care about something I’m there like I wear my emotion. So like if you’re like I got this new thing for my house, and like I could care less I’m gonna be like nice I’m. So annoying another thing that bothers me about you is she always always falls asleep oh my I literally want I literally want to like go over there, and like shake you, and wake you up it’s it’s. So annoying we’ll be reading the movie, and like this is what she does scrubs the pillow she angles the downwards, and she goes I take off my glasses what I think yeah oh you take up your drawing down or up it takes off her glasses, and I’m waiting I’m waiting I’m sorry I like to start things I’m when a movie is on, and it’s dark, and you put me on a sofa with a pillow it’s old like there’s a 90% chance I need until the. So one way annoys me about you Amy takes yeah she takes frickin like today for example I wanted to do our makeup together right.

But I knew in my mind the reason why she was starting was because she’s going to take forever. So I’m like you know what I’m not gonna say anything whatever okay. So for example we’ll go out to breakfast, and I know in my mind like I like I get dressed before I do anything else before I even touch my face which you’ve always found weird above me you look why do you get dressed before yeah. But that’s I’ve always done that. So I’ll be dressed like I’ve already died Brady brushed my teeth I’ve already washed my face my makeup is on, and everything I don’t do much on weekends for makeup. But I’m done I look in her room I’m literally naked yeah naked or she’s stranded dealing like 15. But they’re still in the bathroom, and they can hear the sink, and I’m like well I passed that lady because I have a routine right, and my routine has like instructions like I have to apply my moisturizer like this, and then that I love you have several like city take 10 minutes both. But it has to be done in a way you know like it hostage there’s there’s a there’s you know there’s anybody parties in the angling should I wear this like this yeah yeah yeah I uh I never know like I already know like I’m being honest even latter mate when I’m laying on my pillow I’m gonna wear that hoodie strong wear my leggings, and I’m going to wear my t2 shoes like I already know I think for you you don’t like picking your I need a freaking over this leg literally the worry is okay, and in my mind I’m like shit I don’t think if this is okay because she’s not happy with it, and then we’re gonna take five minutes picking Africa I took really long to get ready it’s like bad next question is what’s one thing you can do that the other sibling can’t hmm um I would definitely say amy is a pro organizer, and I have like no interest. So I would say for you something that you do that I can’t do I would say it may be the ability to style, and outfit without thinking too hard like I I have to like really sit there, and think you know, and then I can come up with one or two good elements Steph can just like she can just pull them out of her ass you know. But um, and then I would I do this I really color right on your hat.

It doesn’t want in there right now I could, and then what is you, and your sister’s favorite things to do together oh god that’s easy that’s easy oh my god we are always like you know time to eat like yeah we are foodie what I want to get mm-hmm, and then I would say shop eating shop we don’t do anything else together we’re very boring no we like oh yes your gals work yeah we’re good together yeah name two things why you love that your sister being your sister, and vice of. So for her too I love that I have like a best friend in you like it obviously say like you are my best friend whenever I need help I know like who to go to is yeah oh you’re. So amazing at listening like that’s just what I really love yeah cuz it’s really hard to like I I don’t know I find it hard to make friends especially because I’m really shy. So I love that like I have a sister that I can just be my best friend she’s like my comfort zone she well she is my best friend regardless I feel like there’s like a really there’s no there’s a really good quote, and it’s always like your sisters by blood. But it doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. But I feel like we’ve always just been best friends. But I’m happy in that way cuz you made a choice it’s hard to find a friend you know what I’m saying like a someone who didn’t know you’re going to like have your best interests at heart, and she obviously does. So yeah I would say that would be yeah. So we have the same answer for that then. So the next thing is you guys seemed. So similar what are the I love this question what are the biggest differences differences between you two there’s. So many funny things yeah. But we are very alike than yeah we’re very alike like we’re both homebodies we’re both like shy, and we’re Pisces, and cancer we’re both water science we’re both like very similar you know like were you’re very emotional sensitive homebodies anything too adventurous now that you mentors yeah we’re the same in that way. But we have. So many differences I would be the one to chill out more with a group of people than Amy would yeah like for sure if there was if they’re all like she’s not hesitant if there’s an event you’re fine like you’re like okay cool like you say it I was like a glammed up, and yeah you should all the time you’re like oh like why we should go to events, and I’m just like I know cool she’s a little I’m more of a homebody than she if it wasn’t for you I probably would never leave the home no seriously literally. But another difference too is I am way way more chill like comfortable, and she is more like extra, and fancy, and extravagant another difference I would say if I am extremely extremely traditional yeah, and you know it’s weird though I’m very like traditional you hear motive yeah.

I’m very traditional conservative in her ways yeah. But in different ways it’s like she loves holidays like Christmas, and and like she likes very corny like yeah you’re worried that you are very corny like you to do these like traditional corny ass things, and I’m just like it’s another day you oh hey oh here’s this describes the difference between me, and stuff I hate my birthday it screams it gives me talk okay yeah my bro it gives me too much attention I don’t want it don’t let’s just pretend it’s another day steps like it’s my birthday it’s my birthday week it’s my birthday did you know. So my dad it’s my birthday week it’s my birthday weekend it’s my birthday month there’s a difference I need my yeah you made you write a birthday weekend. So nicknames you have for each other we just call each other sis yeah sis okay this question is funny who more who’s more likely to go to jail let’s say our answer at the same time to see if we’re gonna know who it is oh oh one two three Amy you this is you off Amy has no filter. So if someone like let’s say someone calls you a name or something, and like a brawl is supposed to happen like you haven’t if you’re like no I’m gonna put you in your place yeah me I may be like Amy let’s go yeah I’m sorry okay. So what’s a weird habit your sister has I know what I’m gonna say for this Stephanie plays with tape have you ever heard of somebody plays tape like she takes a piece of tape rolls it like you would when you’re taping some like in a like a gift or something, and she plays with it in between her fingers yes I do it’s fucking weird she’s been doing that her whole life since I was very very small weird I’m just gonna make it even more weird it has to be the scotch tape I don’t know how it started. But it did, and I it’s just like a comfort thing I don’t do it all the time yeah. But when I see it I’m like oh I just want like I just want a piece of tape yeah. So weird um you have a couple why can’t I think about it do i yeah you just did it round it’s because of my double chin yeah feel like if I just stretch it out a little bit. So Amy’s weird habit she has done this ever since she was young she could not walk normally up the stairs Alan wore down exactly.

It’s hard to describe it. But you take it’s like a kid it’s a two feet on one step yes exactly. So the last question is what was Amy like as a kid it’s funny to say because when she was really really small. So yeah. But I’m very. So a movie she got very moody, and as a baby people would say like when I’m talking like 1 or 2 years old people would be like come to me Amy because she was oh. But you had these wet cherry lips Oh sugar bite. But you had like these red red always like. So plump, and wet all the time I don’t know why why the juicy lips all the time, and those bright blue eyes the porcelain perfect. But like when she came out, and she turned in like already you don’t want my babies come out they’re not their real selves yet. But when you fully like formed, and you’re like one everybody was like oh my you looks like I kid you not a Gerber baby why can’t you not you know gir because you see on the TV, and you’re like a beautiful baby like that was Amy thank you no secretary really, and then you hide this like gold, and ashy, and light brown you going to hear like you started off like that when you remember yeah man God you were. So moody people really come to me Amy because that’s why I was saying like you people thought you were just. So freaking cute you know like come here, and you’re like well then as you started getting a little bit older I would say like three or four years still like kind of Mary moody you do not like going to school cuz you want yeah home, and I was. So like how am I gonna get the score to go to school cuz you just you love being at home, and you love being in your comfort zone. So you definitely had a hard time I thought you were also obsessed with your pacifier do you remember that yeah I was obsessive let go of my each for no longer than that grandma yeah I would go to Grandma’s house, and she would have I would be coming home from school we would come home from school, and she would have my pacifier sitting on the little the entrance table okay. So that is pretty much it for all the questions if you guys want to see us, and our goofy selfs, and our talkative or really talk to themselves posts probably to be a really long post. But if you guys want to see us chat even more, and answer some even more questions then make sure you head over to her My blog cuz we’re gonna answer some more questions on there. So I’m gonna leave the post link down below. So make sure you guys checked it out, and please don’t forget to comment also sign up for notifications do you know my outro is you don’t watch my posts no oh yes I yes I do know what it is yeah it’s thank you guys. So much for reading, and then you go like this yeah alright. So that is it you guys I really hope you enjoyed this post thank you guys. So much for reading, and as always I will see you guys in my next post bye guys.

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