Skeleton Braid Hairstyle

So we sat down to post and first there was construction going outside, I think that was like one of those like machines but like literally digs up the ground. So much and how lotta was and then it stopped and now, I don’t know if you can pick it up there’s like a house alarm or a car alarm going off. So which is now you’re actually happening today in the street yeah we’re just we just decided we’re gonna fill my anyways whatever forgive us for this down I’m just gonna do it.

So today I’m gonna be showing you a really cool hairstyle we thought of a name and we could only think of skeleton braid if you guys have any better to do with the judges down below it sort of looks like a skeleton actually it’s really cool lovely braid that, I think is great for every day because it’s simple enough to do on everyday basis if you have somebody to do it because, I think this is something that is much easier when someone else does it on your hair but it’s still fancy enough to where it would see to a holiday party or to a birthday party or some kind of an outing. So anyways I’m really always let me get started I’m gonna start off by just brushing zhan his hair like always before you start any braid you want to brush out your hair to make sure there are no tangles and that is wearing her luck sees in dirty blonde anywhere in the full set, I left out a few one clip West okay. So you’re not wearing the one for what like the rest of the seven here and that’s just gonna add extra thickness and extra length to the braid which is going to make it look even cooler now once the hair is brushed I’m going to take this section right in the middle of her head kind of like a medium sized section and I’m going to create a regular three strand braid as, I start doing the three strand braid you will see that some of the west’s are showing but don’t worry about it because I’m going to be pulling the hair from the sides and now we’ll cover the weft.

Skeleton Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So you won’t really see them and I’m going to go ohms all the way down maybe I’ll leave just a few inches out. So just braid this as a three strand braid pretty much all the way down aside from a few inches okay. So this is where I’m going to stop and I’m just going to secure the ends with a clear hair elastic all right now the first step is complete now on to the fun part actually.

So what I’m going to do and this is a bit tricky in the beginning but once you get a hold of it it’s super easy actually. So you pull on one strand of the braid just to create an opening just like that once you have that opening I’m going to take a section from the left and I’m going to pull that section right through that opening just like that and here’s you have the first pull and then I’m going to do the same thing from the other side I’m going to leave your bangs okay you can pull your bags away. So I’m going to grab the section closest to the face and pull it back just like that and then I’m going to open the section that’s right under.

So again you’re taking one side of the braid you’re creating an opening. So you can like stick two fingers in that opening and pull a different section that’s from your right side right through that loop. So there you go you have the first two strands and then I’m going to continue doing the same method all the way down and then I’ll do something cool in the end.

So I’m just going to show you I’m going to continue doing the same thing but I’ll show you a close-up again I’m going to show you a couple more close up. So we’re creating an opening sticking two fingers in pulling the hair from the left side right through that opening voila and then I’m going to do the same thing. So you do it here and then on the one that’s down here again two fingers from the left hand grab with your right hand a section from the right and pull that through that left loop of the braid and this is why, I think it’s.

So much better and easier when somebody else does it on you because imagine doing this on yourself, I mean it’s still possible to do it up to here but as you go down the braid it just becomes really really painful alright. So I’m going to continue doing this all the way down now now as, I go down the braid is getting a bit tighter naturally. So, I just make sure to pull on it very carefully then it doesn’t really have any layers but if you do make sure that you’re very careful there.

So again just pull on it and make sure that you have enough opening to pull on the section from the love all right. So as, I got to the end of the braid, I realized, I still have a bit of hair left. So no problem all I’m going to do is just open up this braid I’m going to save this braid I’m going to just remove the elastic the hair behind this little bit is the original braid.

So all I’m going to do now is continue this three strand braid a bit lower. So I’m just going to go a bit lower than what it was, I think this should do it and then I’m going to grab my hair elastic again and secure it at the bottom. So as you can see this just buys me a bit more strands that, I can inter loop in the hair awesome alright now, I can keep going.

So I’m going to do the same thing now here. So this is the last trend, I pulled now pulling this one and continuing with the same steps they’re getting to the very bottom of the braid now. So I’m going to put in as much as, I can at this point all right.

So at this point what I’m going to do is just grab another elastic and secure everything here at the bottom again and now to the fun part now I’m going to go into this braid and I’m going to pull on these sections and it’s really cool just watch me I’m going to start from the bottom. So sort of just going into the braid and fanning out the sections of the braid and as you find it out you can see the actual braid gets exposed right in the middle especially if we go to these sections here. So literally just grabbing on the ends of these sections and pulling them out it’s like a flower that opens up.

So cool again you can pull just a little bit or you can pull a lot it really depends on what you want to do how long the hair is of the person that you’re doing it on. So just be creative and make it the way you would want to see it and now, I present to you the finished product tada this is definitely my favorite braid of the moment, I think it’s. So impressive when somebody sees the braid they’re really going to think it was.

So complicated to do but as you can see it’s a very simple technique it just quite lengthy in terms of time like pulling the sections through but, I think at the end of the day it’s definitely worth what you get in the end alright. So that’s how you create a skeleton braid what do you think, I really like it, I love it it’s. So impressive, I think it’s my one of the most photogenic braids ever, I just know, I keep taking pictures all right let us know if you like the name skeleton braid if you don’t would love to hear your suggestions with a comment down below when you recreate this break because, I know you will make sure to tag it on Instagram hashtag laksa hair will love posting your recreations on our Instagram and that is all, I have for today what do, I use on in any last words to our beautiful lucky friends thank you very for creating this hairstyle and thank you for reading alright guys we’ll see you soon love you bye you you.

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