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Lavender is one of the most useful skin care oils because although it has excellent antiseptic properties it is very mild to the skin. It has been used as an ingredient in cosmetics for centuries and its effects have been well tried and tested. It is suited to all types of complexion, particularly oily and mature (wrinkled) skin.

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Lavender is also an excellent cicatrizant or wound-healing oil which promotes tissue or cell regeneration and prevents scarring. It is these combined properties that make lavender a valuable oil for all types of injury to the skin and also for the treatment of a wide range of specific skin conditions.

As a cleaner/toner for everyday skin care (especially for dry or mature skin), blend 15 drops each of rose and lavender essential oils with 25 ml of witchhazel and 75 ml distilled water (or another flower water) and apply morning and night before moisturizing the skin.

For moisturizing the skin, blend 3 drops of lavender with 1 tsp wheatgerm oil (or a moisturizing cream); apply twice daily.

For a reviving cosmetic vinegar to strengthen the acid mantle of the skin, mix 6 parts rosewater, 1 part spirit of lavender and 2 parts vinegar.

There are many other essential oils that are particularly beneficial for the skin, including tea tree (for oily skin), rose (for dry/mature skin) and geranium (for combination skin).

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