Travel is stressful, whether it’s an overnight business trip to the coast or a dream vacation to Bali. Just getting to your destination is work; getting there looking good is even harder.

On the Plane

We all know that plane food is disgusting, but when you are stuck on a plane for hours, you somehow eat whatever is placed in front of you, sometimes out of sheer boredom. Bringing your own healthful snacks (things like fruit, dried fruits, yogurt, and whole-grain crackers or bread) as well as a bottle of water is the perfect out. Otherwise, request seafood, a fruit plate, or a vegetarian meal when booking your flight; the special meals are usually healthier and tastier.

If the trip is longer than four hours, bring face cream onboard with you. Apply a generous amount every hour or so. I don’t advise drinking alcohol when flying, because it only further dehydrates your system. If you do choose to drink, compensate by drinking twice the volume of water.

Do gentle stretches in the seat: shrug your shoulders, rotate your wrists and ankles, or gently twist your upper body to one side, then the other. Get up and walk down the aisles every so often. The aim is to prevent your back and legs from becoming tight in transit. Now and then, take a few deep, calming breaths.

Beauty Jet Pack: I’ve learned to be organized and keep it simple: I take only the essentials. I use small portable containers and make sure that everything is nonbreakable and nonspillable. I keep a small toilet bag packed at all times. It contains things for myself and my family, and I try never to dip into these supplies so that the kit remains intact and ready to go at all times.


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