How does my skin tone relate to my lip color?

In general, the darker your skin tone, the darker your lip color. Burgundy or blackberry are beautiful on dark skin. Women with medium skin tone look pretty in currant or red. Those with light skin tones look gorgeous wearing low-voltage neutrals and glosses.

How does my skin tone relate to my lip color? Photo Gallery

At least when we decide to shave our heads, it is the ‘in’ thing to do. Women, I am not so sure. And what is it with women and their hair in general? Among the first things I have heard women say to other women is, I love your hair, or What have you done to your hair? I have never told a man, Great comb-over, or Who is your barber? I just have to have him do my hair. I’d probably be mincemeat. And shoes? Do all women have a love affair with shoes? And purses? I just thought of something. Maybe when I see a pretty girl while walking in the park, I can smile and say, I love your hair! or Where did you get those shoes? I must have a pair! OK, I will stop before I really get myself into trouble. So, let is move back to wrinkles. All I can say is that they, like st, happens. But you know that. One day, when I asked an older, black colleague of mine why his face was as smooth as a baby’s, he responded, Black do not crack.

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