SKINCARE is not enough

Already found the right skincare products? Then knowing how to apply them properly is just as important as what’s in them. You may have been thoughtlessly slapping on your moisturiser and over-enthusiastically rubbing in your eye cream – well it’s time to stop! We promise you, you’re not getting the best from your beauty buys.

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It’s all in the application

The best way to apply your skincare products is like a hidden secret – it’s rarely spelled out on the packaging, but it’s exactly that which makes a ‘The application process can make the product more effective,’ says facial, beauty and well-being expert Abigail James. And good news, no pricey new tools are needed – your hands are the best tools for controlled, precise application. Follow our fail-safe guide to get the most from your products and you’ll soon see your skin will be.



Squeeze an amount the size of a two rand coin into the palm of your hand.


Should be warm, so rub between your hands and apply to dry skin. Don’t apply straight on to a facecloth as it will just absorb too much of the product; you’ll have to use more than you actually need for it to work.

‘Take a minute to really work it into all areas of your face,’ says beauty expert Alice product in small circles around your forehead, eyes (gently here!), nose, chin and neck, then rinse off with warm water.’


To massage in your cleanser – this will give it a chance to blend in with, then lift away, all the dirt, sweat, bacteria and make-up that’s accumulated in the day. Always massage it into your skin in a circular motion in order for it to work more effectively.

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