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Hi everyone I’m moli In today’s post I want to share with you my current skin care routine In this last month I have change my skin care product So today I want to show you the products that I use I don’t know if you are realise it or not but I feel now my skin is more glowing And also more clear If you pay attention on my posts in the beginning of september on my or instagram My bare face has a lot of improvement than before If you don’t believe it you can stalk my posts Because my skin has improvement that is why I want to show you the products that I use now I hope it will be useful and become your reference for you who want to find good skin care products All the products that I use now is from one brand And the brand name is KICHO This brand is from korea and before I decided to totally change my skin care products I do the searching first And after I learned about it products from Kicho is using natural ingredients and organic.

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So the product is soft and safe for our skin At the beginning I was afraid to change my skin care product because I have sensitive skin And also not products can suit my skin well But because this product contain high quality and natural ingredients That is why I have courage to try it Without any longer now I will show you step by step of my skin care routine The first is cleanser The texture is foam so it is easy to use And good because we don’t need to scrub the soap on our face which is not suggested I will use the face wash brush from Kicho Seriously this brush is really smooth on my skin And also it can hang in the place that have magnet The smell of this face wash is like orange fruit If you have a sensitive skin and easily get allergic Maybe you can try this because the cleanser is light and very smooth Until baby also can use this product In my opinion this product will suit you who have combination skin and oily because the texture is foam But because my skin type is dry After I use it my skin become a bit dry so sometimes I change my face wash with another After washing my face I always use toner Because toner can shrink pores and lift the remaining oil and dirt in our skin So after I use toner usually my skin feel really fresh What I like from this toner is it doesn’t make my skin dry but smooth It feel smooth like velvet In the morning I usually pour it in to my hand and pat it into my face And at night I usually use cotton to lift the remaining dirt Before after toner I directly use moisturiser.

But now I added one more step that is essence Essence and serum usually are same but serum is more heavy and the function is more specific That is why serum is more expensive that essence The essence that I use is help to make the skin texture better and healthier And also prevent fine lines on the face Maybe because of this product my skin texture is better than before My under eyes are usually have a dark circle and a lot of fine lines Maybe if I grow older my face will easily get wrinkles So to prevent it now I use eye cream so that my under eyes become moist and not too many fine lines This cream texture is very rich The meaning is it is very dense, thick and creamy After I use it my skin feel a bit sticky But that is what I like because it really can moisturise my under eyes I never forget to use moisturiser because my skin type is dry so this step is a must The texture of this cream is light and soft but after I use it my skin become a bit sticky But after it permeate into my skin become not really sticky and smooth And the way I apply the product is with tap tap Because with this way the cream will more permeate In the morning after all this step I like to use cc cream from Kicho Because it is light, contain spf and contain skin care This cc cream also even out my skin colour without looking pale And also it cover my pores I didn’t expect this product is so good and the result looks super natural Not oily not cakey and really make my face look healthy naturally The camera I use is very sharp.

So that it can catch the details on my face Although my skin is not perfect but I’m really happy because there is a lot of improvement than before And honestly after 1 week I use this product my face break out My face suddenly appear red spots like acne but it was not acne At first I really worry but I think it was too bad to not use it anymore because I was only use it for one week But I give it a chance I try it again for two weeks It turns out my skin break out is because my skin still adapting to the new products And also maybe the red spots is detox so the dirt and bacteria in my skin all came out After 1 week when my face is break out My face is now totally clean and now I feel that my skin is healthier More glowing and also the texture become better Since a long time ago my skin is actually already clean but The texture is not as good now and I feel more confident with my bare face now So that’s it all the product that I use For me skin care is really important my friend even said that skin is assets Because if our basic skin is good when we use any kind of makeup the result will be good I have put all the products that I use in the description box below So who knows that you are curious and interested I have put the link where I bought all the products Hopefully this post this post can help and inspire you to take care of your skin And if you like this post don’t forget to give likes And also comment below what skin care that you use And that’s all for today’s post don’t forget to comment to my chanel for you who not yet comment and follow my instagram for my daily life update So See you soon.

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