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suggests, this CD is by way of a tribute to the legendary Hank Williams.

The very same idea has, probably, been thought of by most country musicians whether worth their salt or not. The sensible ones dismiss it as the man is such an icon that you are immediately on a hiding to nothing, however some brave souls try.

So full marks to the man for having the courage of his convictions, although I’m not convinced that these ten tracks add a great deal, except number, to the canon of Hank Williams covers. It is not that there is anything irritating or downright awful about this collection it just seems perfectly ordinary, although I was won over by the arrangement of House Of Gold.

I’m afraid that verbosity is in short supply as there isn’t much to add – HANKERING is competent and consummate in all departments, just maybe not the best CD to make, although there is no doubting the love and sincerity that has gone into its making.

Perhaps an album of original songs next time? Ian Ambrose

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