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Slim Up Your Style Fat Man Style Hacks I get it, guys. You’re big, you’re heavy. You’ve got a little bit of weight around the midsection. You are big-boned. In today’s post, I’m going to teach you how to slim up your style, how to look more trim, how to look more muscular, how to look more masculine. Rule number one for slimming up your style. Fit.

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Let me say that again – fit. And I’ll say it one more time – fit. Know the name of your tailor. Everything you own should go to the tailor to get adjusted. Yes, your casual shirts, your jeans, your suits and your higher end trousers and dress shirts. Everything needs to be adjusted to fit your hard-to-fit body type. Now, if you’re getting all these adjustments made and, for some reason the clothing just looks a bit off, what we may have here is an issue with proportions. So, with a collar, oftentimes a collar whether it’s a small shirt or a large shirt, they’re going to use the same size collar, they’re just going to expand it out. But, if you’re a larger man, you need a larger size collar to fit in with proportions of your body, of your head size, of your hand size, with your body size. And, a lot of off-the-rack manufacturers especially the lower end brands, they don’t do this. They just use the same size one for all and it ends up looking bad on you. It makes you look like a giant, makes you look off proportion.

So, if you’re seeing that, consider getting custom-clothing. Tip number two to slim up your style. Lengthen your leg line. When you look at a short individual you look at a tall individual, their torso is about the same size. It’s the length of the legs, the length of the arms which really change things up and make one person look taller, another person look shorter. And, if you understand that, you can apply that to the clothing choices you go for. High-waisted trousers that actually were made for suspenders were common before WWII. Nowadays, you got to get it almost custom-made they’re a little bit harder to find, but that can help make you look taller. Another option is simply to wear a belt that matches your trousers. A lot of guys are wearing a belt with a high contrast on the trousers and it kind of cuts them in half. Instead, find a belt, go with a particular color. If you’ve got light-colored trousers you’ve got dark-colored trousers, go with a belt that does that.

This can increase your perceived leg line by almost two inches which for shorter men think about that, that’s almost 5% increase in your leg line. Now, I know some of you guys are wondering, Carl, where did you get those great-looking suede belts? Anson Belt and Buckle, the paid sponsor of today’s post. I’ve known these guys for almost a decade. I’m linking to them down in the description. And, guys, they’ve got a new line of suede straps. You said, hey, we want something in suede. I’ve got some blue suede shoes I’ve got some medium brown suede shoes. I need a belt to match one that actually has that micro adjust technology. So, we’re talking no belt loops. It is easily going to adjust within a quarter of an inch to exactly where you want it. Guys, a much more comfortable fit. I love what these guys have done with in a sense they’re interchangeable belt system where actually you could own a number of buckles a number of straps that are all going to work together and you can put together different combinations.

So, this right here is one of their packages that you can grab and it’s very nicely boxed. So, if you wanted to make it for a gift, this would be an awesome gift, very well-presented. But, basically right here I’ve got two straps I’ve got three buckles, I have six different belt combinations. And, guys, I have to stress the customer service. David and Frank, father-son combination they are over at Anson Belt and Buckle, they treat their customers like family. I remember one guy wrote me. He had cut the strap an inch too short, his fault and he talked to David about it. David sent him a new strap, no cost no issue. Anson Belt and Buckle, I’m linking to them down in the description. Awesome product, I’m proud to support them. Tip number three. Go for dark colors go for monochromatic looks.

So, it is true black, charcoal gray, navy, these darker colors are going to slim a profile. Again, making sure the clothing fits, this does have a slimming effect. It’s an optical illusion that you can use to your advantage. Tip number four. Learn to leverage patterns. So, patterns can work with you, pattern can work against you. Again, you’re leveraging the optical illusions that we see whenever we look at something and our eyes play tricks on us. So, if you bring in clothing that has horizontal patterns, oftentimes a sweater will have something like this, understand this is just going to make you look whiter. This is not going to help the cause. Instead, you want to go for lines that go up and down. Now, what’s key here is we go for smaller patterns. You don’t want to go for larger patterns.

So, if you’re going to go for a shirt, you don’t want to go with something with really big Bengal stripes. Proportionately, you may think it’s going to look better, but when it comes down to it, it’s just going to widen you out a bit more. What you’re looking to do, small repeating patterns are fine. Small, but you know like this shirt right here from a distance that looks like a solid, but you get up close and you see there’s a very small pattern in this. This is great for a larger man. Now, if I had a large pattern that you could see, let’s say you had like a window check, you know, there are different types of suits out there that you’re going to see with very large patterns in them and all of a sudden that makes you look wider that makes you look bigger and that’s not what we’re shooting for. Point number five. Wear shoulder pads and I’m not talking about football shoulder pads, I’m talking about jackets – leather jackets, trucker jackets. Any type of jacket that is going to build up your shoulders – suit jacket, sports jacket, blazer jacket. Go back to that first analogy. Shoulder pads on a football player. You see a 300 lb football player out there who has a bit of weight, but those shoulder pads what do they do? They actually just make the guy look big.

Not – he doesn’t look overweight out there on the football field even though a lot of these guys are carrying around quite a bit of weight. So, the point here is to build up the shoulders, it’s going to make you look taller, it’s going to slim up your profile and that’s what we’re shooting for. Tip number six for slimming up your style. Leverage buttons. So, pretty obvious on jackets, I’ve talked about this before. Whenever you stand, button that sports jacket that blazer that suit jacket. If you’re wearing a leather jacket, zip it up a bit, bring it in in and around the torso, it’s going to make you slimmer than everything flaring out. But this also applies to buttons to trousers and instead of just looking for trousers that have one button fastener, look for ones that have two or three. Many people see this and they have no idea why this matters. It actually prevents stress points on the buttons, so they’re not going to pop as easily, but it also distributes out the weight and it makes them more comfortable and it actually just makes them look better when you wear them. Another place for buttons is side taps. So, if you’ve got a bit of weight in and around the midsection.

You gain you lose weight, you have a good meal and you want to loosen things up, you actually can do that. So, guys, leverage buttons. So my next tip for slimming up your style. Wear heels. I’m not talking high heels, I am talking though boots. I am talking shoes that have a heel to them. A heel right here, this can add easily an inch to two inches to your height. What’s that going to do? It’s going to slim you up. When you look taller, the weight is more evenly distributed across the body, it just makes you look taller and slimmer. Next up, leverage style accents. So, pocket squares. Yes, pocket squares because it draws the eyes away from the midsection area.

But, let’s say you just want to wear a shirt. It’s hot, I get it. Well, in that case, wear a long sleeve shirt, roll it up just below the elbows. This is always going to look better than a short sleeve shirt on a larger guy. And, bring in some accent. You can actually bring in chest pockets. You can have epaulettes on the shoulders. What you’re looking to do, small style details that can actually help you stand out. And, again, accessories work too, so if you want to bring a hat in, that right there and you know how to wear a hat you practice wearing a hat, that right there, again, it makes you look taller and all of a sudden you’re going to look slimmer. Now, this next style tip to slim up your style, a lot of guys you can reject, I know. And that is throw out the shorts, instead wear tropical weigh wool trousers. Find some great-looking chinos, have fun with the different colors out there.

I get it, a lot of guys love their shorts, but I feel that they are so overplayed and if you’re a bigger guys, shorts do you no favors. Now, this next slimming style tip, it’s all about the face, it’s all about paying attention to the grooming. So, if you’re going to get a haircut, actually see about cutting it more often on the sides keeping a little bit more on top. This is going to slim up your face. Now, if that still doesn’t help enough or you want to go – you like – really like the hair there on the side, then actually look to grow out a beard, a beard that is well-groomed a little bit longer. Again, what we’re looking to do is to lengthen and to narrow up the face. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you guys down in the comments. Agree? Disagree? What did I miss? What could I have added to this post to make it better? Guys, I love learning from you guys. You always have so many great tips that I can learn from, so get down there, leave a comment. And, if you know of a larger guy out there that needs this advice, please share this post, give it a like, gives – give it a thumbs-up, pass it around. I really appreciate that, guys.

And, if you want to check out you want to get some of those belts I was talking about, Anson Belt and Buckle. And if nothing else, go their contact form, write Dave write Frank just say, guys, you’re running an awesome company, I love what you’re doing. And, guys, yeah, these are beautiful belts, I really like them. I’m linking to the down in the description. That’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. So, I really like this package. I think that they sent me some of these extra belts to maybe send to you guys, but I have to admit I like these a lot and I’m just not giving them up. Sorry, guys. Yeah. You know they didn’t express that I needed to give these away.

And I don’t know, maybe if you guys could check out their website, let me know some of your favorite belts down in the description, I may – I may give away a few ones because I like you guys a lot. But – but, no, I like these belts. Do I like these belts more or do I like you guys? I don’t know.

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