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Hey guys Abbey here wearing the same thing that I wore in my last post. So I have a lot of changes to talk to you guys about um three actually but it seems like a lot they’re all kind of substantial I don’t know if my hair color is all that substantial but whatever. So first of all I have a big personal announcement to make and I don’t even know if I really need to announce this on my my blog but I’ll going to because it kind of is it is gonna affect my my blog a little bit I am moving and I am actually picking my stuff up me and my husband were picking herself up and we were moving all the way across the country to Los Angeles and I’ll. So excited about it and I know that like lots of youtubers moved to LA and everybody who is probably wondering like when is that with all the youtubers moving to LA.

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I really don’t get it um it actually didn’t have a hole well I did have stuff to do with my decision but mostly Jason I just love LA we have always like even before we met we wanted separately to move to bigger cities and then we met and as soon as we like became very serious and knew that this was gonna be a forever thing we started talking about cities and we never agreed on cities but we finally after visiting LA really agreed that we both really loved LA but then you know we were like okay. So that city is great let’s make sure that we can actually like work there live there make a life that kind of stuff of course I do YouTube and YouTube you can do anywhere but LA is an especially great place to be a youtuber. So that was a nice check off my list but I’ll also working hair stylist and I wanted to make sure that I could find a salon that would hire me and I started reaching out to different places and because of my audience I’ve actually got some really cool opportunities lined up that I will eventually get to tell you guys about but I’ll just really excited about all the stuff that I have lined up there and then Jason found a job as well. So we were like whoa okay and we went out and spent like a week and a half last summer in LA living in an apartment just not doing glamorous things just like living as if we were you know living in LA just to see what it would be like and we still loved it. So we decided that was actually what we wanted to do. So now that he is graduated from the master’s degree that he was working on we’re gonna be moving out there and I am really excited about it wanted to tell you guys because I am going to be pre recording which I don’t know if that’s really gonna like affect your viewing experience at all but it does affected my my blog schedule which is the next change that I have to talk about. So I guess I’ll go ahead and move on for the moving thing but I wanted to tell you guys about it and just tell you guys that I’ll super excited I know I’ll super gushy right now but it’s just because.

I mean we just got back from finding on our apartment and I just want to be there but you’ve got to understand that there was. So much thought that went into this like a lot a lot of thought and it just everything came together everything is perfect for it and we’re just really excited. So yeah anyway moving on to the next change. So I uploaded on Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday every week and that’s a lot to pre-record because I’ll trying to pre-recorded about weeks worth of posts which is gonna be a lot um I don’t know if I actually need weeks but I’ll gonna give it to myself just to make sure that like everything gets squared away just in case something happens cuz you know Murphy’s Law like something is gonna happen. So we I just decided that’s what I’ll gonna do and to help me out with that what I’ll actually gonna do is in the month of May instead of having a hair tutorial on Friday as I usually do I’ll going to change it to a giveaway post every Friday which I think is going to be really exciting I love giving back to you guys I’ve been accumulating giveaway prizes for the longest time and I just never like I don’t know I always feel awkward about doing giveaways I don’t know why but I do. So I’ve been like putting it off forever. So I finally just decided to have like a giveaway a thon and we’re gonna do that this month which I’ll super excited about. So hopefully you guys enjoy that as well and finally let’s talk about my hair now This very similar to what I had done before I just wanted to get my blonde on bravery done because it has been slowly growing out over the last year and it needed a little bit of refreshing actually you needed a lot of refreshing. So I went to Nadira Volpe at Dutch salon which is in LA I went while I was up there um I’ve met her before a different sexy hair events and I always loved what she did and I was like yeah I’ll gonna hurting my hair. So I basically just asked for a balayage ombre balayage is just when they paint on a hair it’s basically the I think is French for free painting if I remember correctly I just like balayage embrace because they look a lot softer and more natural than basically any other method that I’ve seen and that’s actually her favorite method. So I worked out really well and I just asked her to keep it like low in the back and bring it up higher around the face just to get a more sunkissed love and then she would like basically take a section do a light teasing on it paint on the lightener then set it to the side and then she would take a section and just set it to the side without lightening it and then she’d pick up the next section and lighten it. So basically she ended up leaving some of my other color that.

I had going on. So that it’s kind of a mix of blonde and my base color and I think that’s actually really nice because it ends up looking a lot more natural and it’s not quite as you know chunky as it could be and it’s not quite as blocky as it could be I think she did was to break up my base because I actually have all that roll color right here and then I think my my fake color starts around here somewhere and I’ve been trying to transition back to my natural color. So what I did last time I got my roots retouched was to um kind of find a medium color between this and my natural color. So that when it grew out it wouldn’t be too obvious and we actually did a really good job formulating that. So that you really can’t see that line which is perfect but my roots were just a little bit darker than I wanted them to be. So I was talking to her and I was just like okay I don’t really want to do color I’ll do color if you feel like that’s really just the best option but I and I don’t really want to go with my natural because I feel like my natural is just a little bit darker than I want it to be and she was like why don’t they just break the base and I was like of course I’ll breaking the bases basically when you mix Lightner with shampoo and you shampoo it into your hair until the hair lightens about half a level and it just gives it a more sunkissed look it breaks it up just a little bit. So that it’s just a little bit sunnier it’s not quite as dark and it’s really pretty.

I actually it’s one of my favorite things that we did because it really did just kind of brighten this whole area up and it’s not going to give you that really harsh line whenever the hair grows out as well which is really nice. So I was really happy with that that definitely sounds like something that you could do at home I don’t recommend it I think playing with bleach at home on your own especially if you’ve not been trained as a hairstylist it’s a really bad idea I’ll sure some of you guys have done it before and it’s turned out well and I’ll very glad for your sake that it did but there’s just. So many bad things that can happen. So easily when you use bleach on your hair and it’s just very important to know what you’re doing. So I don’t have been trying to break your base at home don’t do it but if you want to talk to your stylist about having that done on your hair I actually really liked the results of it and I thought that was really pretty and overall I was just really impressed by it and I liked it and. So in case you were wondering that’s what I had done my hair. So I think that’s everything guys I hope you guys are excited for me I’ll very excited um definitely look out for my Friday giveaway posts and that’s it I love you guys very much and I will see you guys on Wednesday with my next post actually yeah I’ll see you on Wednesday with my next post well bye.

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