Sock Curls Easy No-Heat Curls Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And tonight we’re going to demo another version of a no heat curl. So you are going to need for this one we’re calling them sock curls. You’re going to need two pairs of socks. So clean ones, obviously. These are straight from the laundry. And I love to use my husband’s work socks, because they’re not too light, but they’re not like heavy gym socks either, and they’re nice and long. And then I’m also going to be using just a little bit of a curl enhancer. You can use this if you want to, or don’t if you don’t. It doesn’t matter. I like to use it for these. So we’re starting with dry hair. And this is dry hair, not just blow dried from the shower. I got asked that a lot on the last post, and I actually think the curls do a lot better and you’re going to be a lot more successful if you start with hair that’s completely dry, not just blow dried after a shower. Because there’s still a lot of moisture down in your roots.

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So you’re going to start with dry hair. I’m going to add a little curl enhancer. Rub it on my palms. And then just rub it into the ends of her hair. So this is mostly going on the ends. We don’t want it too much into her scalp. And I’m going to start by just taking a chunk up on top, like so. There’s not really a huge rhyme or reason to this. But this is going to be your curl that’s going to be your best curl, because it’s the top hairs. So put a little bit of water on it. Just a tiny, tiny bit. Take a sock. Throw the sock over the hair and then wrap the hair up over the sock. And this is very similar to rag curls. Rag curls typically, though, they’re all wrapped clear down to the scalp, and there’s a lot more rags involved than I’m going to use socks. So I find that this gives you a lot looser, nicer curl than rag curls. So when you’re done, you’re just going to tie the ends of the socks like so. Simple, super easy, nice and soft to sleep on. OK. So at this point, you can do another top curl if you want, which we’re going to do today. So I’m just taking I’m going to not pull from the front up here, because I think that tends to hurt when you yank it all the way back. Add a little bit of water. Just add a tiny bit on that under hair. Go ahead and take another sock and roll it up. Same process. We’re going to roll this one all the way down as far as it’ll go on to the scalp, too. And then tie it. And it’s OK if it flops. So this last part, what we’re going to do is just divide the hair into a rough half. And I’ll do it on this side so you can see better. Spritz just a little bit of water.

And then take your sock and roll it all up. Now, here’s the trick. We don’t want super tight, like stick to your head kind of curls. We want just nice, soft, loose curls. So we’re actually not even going to go all the way up to her scalp on these side ones. We’re just going to kind of do a half curl right here. And I’m going to repeat on the other side. You won’t be able to see this side as well. So I’m just going to again, roll it up. Roll it up and then tie it. And we’re just going to let her go ahead and sleep in this like it is. And tomorrow morning we’ll take it out and show you what the curls look like. See you later. So it’s the next morning, and this is what her hair looks like after she slept on it in the sock curls. These have pretty much stayed in place. This one’s dropped just a little bit, but I think it’ll be just fine. So we’re just going to now untie the socks, exactly just reverse of how we put them in. And you can see that she’s got curl in the ends. And undo this one as well. Now, I’m going to have her turn her head over and just shake it. Just flip your head. And I’m going to have her don’t do the ends, the end of the curls. Work up in here into the crown. Not the crown, but your scalp. And just kind of run your fingers through. And that just helps to separate the curls a little bit. Now flip your head back over. And this is what we end up with, are these beautiful curls. So at this point, these are what the curls look like, and you can do anything you want. You can add a headband, you can do a braid, anything you want. For her purposes today, I will probably just stick a headband in. And this is how beautiful sock curls turn out. Love, love them. So soft and fun.

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