Sofía Vergara Hairstyles – Haircuts – Hair Colors 2019

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I’m not sure. I like a lot of different things—edgy, chic, goth, tomboy vibes. Guess it depends on my mood.

When you are short on time, how do you pull your look together?

A bun never fails! Natural beat, I call it. Plus a good concealer, highlighter, lashes and, of course, lip gloss!

How do you care for your skin? What products do you use?

Dove bar soap! I also exfoliate every day using St. Ives Apricot. And I have to have a good moisturizer—I love Charlotte Tilbury facial cream.

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What are your favorite cosmetics?

Nars concealer; Makeup For Ever foundation stick; L’Oreal mascara in black; Anastasia contour and highlight palettes and Anastasia eyebrow pencil.

What beauty advice can you share with our readers?

Do what’s right for you! And take care of your skin first, before makeup! I love taking days off from makeup to let my skin breathe.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

Workouts clear my mind. They’re a must!

I’ve been active my whole life, so if I don’t get a sweat in, I feel really, really bad. But I eat what I want. I don’t really believe in diets. I do love a good cleanse though.

How do you balance doing everything you do?

It’s a task I’m always working on…lots of meditation and goal-setting.

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