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I follow the age-old advice to ‘save the best for last’ and this month have my favourite findings regarding Seoul to discuss: Korean Beauty Trends. When I say ‘beauty trends’, I am not referring to the Korean Sheet Mask we are all familiar with by now, instead I am talking about trends, from surgeries to semipermanent make-up, that have amazed me.

First I want to talk about two treatments that are literally eye-opening. The first treatment was not new to me, and there is a good chance it is not new for you either. Called Blepharoplasty, it is a common surgical procedure to open up your eyes so they appear wide. Sofía Vergara What was new is the sheer number of men and women who had undertaken the surgery! Upon further research and interacting with locals, I learned that Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty (surgery done to enhance the nose), are traditional birthday presents for those turning 18. It is literally the equivalent of saying, “Here is a new handbag for your birthday!”

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However, if you are wary of getting Blepharoplasty done, there is a non-surgical alternative that I had never heard of prior to visiting Seoul – it is Plasma Skin Tightening. Sofía Vergara By using a small device, similar to the ones used during cautery, electrically charged gases are delivered to a small, targeted areas of the skin, which in return, immediately contract the fibre within it. When used on the eyelid, this method tightens the skin leading to wider, and often more aesthetically pleasing, eyes. It is a super quick process, requires less downtime than surgery, and is a great option for those looking for a wider view of the world, so to speak.

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