Soft Curled Volume from Emily of Pretty Little Liars

I decided for Emily to do some really big soft volume and This specifically for girls with layered hair though you can do this without layered hair and I’ll talk about that in this tutorial but essentially this one’s really easy for girls with layered hair and I love it This how I’ve been doing my hair ever since I got my hair cut with layers and it takes like minutes and it looks. So nice and pretty and just like kind of natural and nice and soft and just I love it and it’s great for a second day hair too like for me even though I’ve got this whole oiliness under control. So notice my hair just looks limp and flat. So on the second day I’ll do this and it looks. So much better.

Soft Curled Volume from Emily of Pretty Little Liars Photo Gallery

So I really love it hope you guys do too and I’ll gonna go ahead and roll the tutorial okay. So when I said This ridiculously easy I meant it we’re gonna start with the very shortest layer that you have and I started with my bangs and you’re gonna place the iron halfway down your hair shaft and then you’re just gonna curl that going away from your face and I’ll just keeping this on this barrel for you want to go about or seconds and then if you want to if your hair is hard to curl like mine you can roll it back up and put it in place. So that the hair can cool in the curl and that’s gonna make sure that your curl lasts longer which is why I do it then basically you’re just gonna go ahead and continue that through the rest of your shortest lair around your head you want to start at halfway down your hair and then if you want to you can wrap it back up and curl it now if you don’t have layers essentially what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna choose how high your first layer would be and curl at that height all the way around your head with cut it up first here of hair if you will then you’re gonna choose the next longest layer for girls with layered hair you just pick out where that layer is and start curling again halfway down the hair shaft and drop it back up girls without layers you just choose the height that you want that second layer to be at and curl there with again the second tier of hair and then you can go ahead and do the very last level and you can see for that one I wasn’t really wrapping it up I don’t really have any reason for that except for I like the lowest one to be just a little bit looser.

So I just let it go ahead and sit there to cool off and then you can give the whole thing a nice little round of hairspray and then let the curls down and just let them fall now I forgot to mention I used a one and a quarter inch barrel you could do this with anything from a three-quarter inch all the way up to like a two inch curling iron if you want it to and finish off with some hairspray this has got Speas voluptuous volume and that’s it.

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