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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And this morning, I’m going to show you what I do on my hair regularly. Not every day, but regularly. So many people have asked me how I get the curls, the soft waves, in my hair. So I’m going to show you how today. Now, what I will be using let me just show you. I’m going to use a wand. This is a NuMe wand. It’s spelled N-u-m-e. And this is the millimeter. This is my favorite wand. You can see that it’s all one size. And I love that it comes in fun little patterns. Mine’s the zebra. Or I’m just going to show you. This one is called a Remington wand, and you can see that it’s not all the same size. That it’s tapered to one end. I will not be using this one this morning. I’m just showing you this, because this is a good option if you don’t want to pay for a NuMe wand. The pros to both. The NuMe wand I love it because it’s all one size. You can see the barrel. So it gives you really uniform curls. And it really heats up fast, really fast. And it gives a really, really deep curl. So I can use this wand and keep the curls in my hair for two day, sometimes three, and they look great.

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This wand, that’s not going to work as well. It doesn’t get as hot. It doesn’t heat up as fast. And it probably lasts one day of good curl, and then you’re going to have to re-use it to do some more curls. But one of the pros to this wand is that you can change the temperature setting on it. So if you have delicate hair, this is a good wand. Where this one just goes automatically, I believe, to. It goes really hot. which I love on my hair because it curls so fast, but it does go pretty warm. So, a couple options for you. So I’m going to start by, of course, using a heat protectant in my hair. You can see that I’ve already blow dried my hair last night and slept on it. And then I’m going to just separate a section and pull it out of the way. So I’m always starting at the bottom of my hair. You can see the bottom layer. Now I’m going to take my wand. And just so you know, all wands come with a glove, like so, that you can slip onto your hand. And then when you’re wrapping your hair like this, then you can put your fingers really close to the barrel and it’s not going to burn them. But I have just gotten used to not using the glove. If you’re a beginning wand-er, I would definitely suggest using the glove. But I have gotten so used to it, I don’t anymore. So I’m just going to take a chunk of hair and, going upside down, wrap the hair on the barrel. And I always wrap away from my face. So you can see it only takes a few seconds to hold it on there. You can tell that the wand is very warm which, because I’m using heat protectant in my hair and I have really strong hair, doesn’t seem to make too big a difference. One suggestion I would have is that if you’re going to curl your hair using heat, try to not curl it the next day so you give it like day, maybe two days, to rest in between so that you’re not frying your ends as much. And then, of course, regular trims will help keep bad ends from creeping in. So you can see that I’m just I’ll turn so you can see. I’m going to do this one away from my face. And I try to keep the wand as vertical as possible.

It’s a little harder in back. I’ll turn so you can see this one. I might bread that one into two. So the smaller pieces you take, the tighter the curls are going to be. Also the longer you hold it on your hair, the tighter the curl. So if you want loose curl, do bigger pieces. Don’t hold the hair in very long. So you can see this goes pretty fast. I can do my whole head of hair when I’m not talking to all of you in probably minutes. And I have really soft, beautiful curls when we’re done. So when you’re done with that layer, go ahead separate out the next layer. And it will depend on the thickness of your hair how many layers you do and how many pieces you do. I usually try to do like, five pieces on each layer around my head. But again, that will vary depending on your hair. So you can see just hold it as close as you can. This is what the glove would be for if you’re worried about burning your fingers. And just separate the hair. OK. So when you get to this point and your hair has now all the curls from the wand, then what I do is give it a minute, maybe, to just cool and let the curls set. And then I’m going to flip my head over and I’ll show you what I do. So I flip my head over and I take my fingers. And just in the root of my hair, just shake the curls loose. So you can see I’m mostly just staying up in the root. I’m not doing much to the ends. And then when you flip it back over, you’re going to have these nice, big, full, voluminous curls. And then I just would fix my bands. Do whatever I want to do to just fix. And then simply add some hairspray. So where I like to add hairspray, two tricks. Lift up your top layer and spritz a little on that second layer right here. And then lay your hair down. That’s going to help keep volume in your roots. Also, if you take your hairspray and you spritz the ends of your hair and then just separate with your fingers a little bit, it helps keep those curls separated and falling nice on your hair. And there you go. Add any other products you like. Some people like a little root lift in the bottom. I pretty much just stick with hairspray. And there you go. Finished product. These love, love, love, curls. And so the next day, for me, I would wear this today. Sleep on it. In the morning, I might have one or two pieces I have to just spruce up a little. But it really, really looks nice.

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