Soft Waves on Short Hair

Hey Everyone Abbey here today we’re doing curls on short hair and show you guys how to get them without looking like Shirley Temple a lot of my friends with short hair complained about that. So I wanted to help you guys out first of all you want to use the right tool I recommend using a one and a quarter inch iron because a bigger iron gives a better curl once you have the right I already need the right method. So we’re gonna start out with that first of all you always want to use some heat protectant spray because it keeps your hair safe while your heat styling it and then you’re gonna section your hair now because your hair is shorter we’re gonna start out with this bottom section but it’s not gonna be very curled This from your ear up and basically all you really want to do is get some Bend to these layers and the reason for that is that if they’re straight and the rescue hairs curl it’s gonna be awkward but these layers are probably kind of short and hard to curl.

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So really all you need to do is just get a little bit of a bend to them and that’s really all that you’re going for. So even if you can only just get them curled under that’s fine you just don’t want them to be straight and if your hair has a natural wave to it maybe you could just leave them natural then you’re gonna separate your hair from kind of the temples up and This where we’re gonna put the curls in the most because This going to get you a little bit more volume without really enhancing the look of a Shirley Temple esque curl. So basically what you’re gonna do is curl as close to the root as possible I know in the back that’s kind of hard but especially around your face make sure that you’re getting really nice and close into that root and what I’ll doing in this situation is to curl all of the curls away from the face because I like how that looks although if you want a Messier more tousle book you could curl them kind of alternating directions and that would give you a more tousle to curl look if that’s what you prefer additionally if your hair is a little bit hard to curl you can see that I occasionally holds the curl when it comes off the iron. So it can cool a little bit curl that would also help as well if your hair is a little bit on the hard to curl side. So now we’re gonna move on to the last section.

So let the rest of your hair down and you’ll see there’s not a ton of hair left but what we’re gonna do with This just to curl it from kind of the midway through the hair to the ends. So you’re basically just curling the ends of the hair and what that does is it really enhances the great curled shape that you’re getting from this hairstyle without making it look too tight and to place although if you want to go up higher right around your face and curl but higher that’s totally doable and I think it would be really pretty and it would completely complement this really softly curled look. So that’s it for our very soft kind of romantic curls and now we’re gonna move on to what you can do if you want it to look a little bit more beachy and messy I would take really small pieces from right around your partland and curl those next to the root what that does is it creates little pieces of hair and kind of curls that just dance on top they add volume and visual interest to this style and a little bit of messiness to the style without making it look like you’ve done tons and tons of little tiny curls right next to your root if that makes any sense. So you just do a couple of those little curls just like that and then you’re gonna run your hand through and just kind of mess them up just a little bit then I really recommend using a texturizing product like the sexy hairspray clay which you guys know I love or you could just use some hairspray well kind of like lifting the hair a little bit and you get that kind of messy look. So that’s it for our messy curls I hope you guys have enjoyed this first short hair sale check back every Friday for more and make sure to check out yesterday’s post I’ll see you again on Sunday.

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