My Son, I Love You Today, Tomorrow and Always

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Etched on the Reverse Side with My Son, I Love You Today, Tomorrow and Always 

Let your son know just how much you care with a personal expression of your love. Introducing the Always, My Son” Personalized Bracelet, an exclusive design available only from The Bradford Exchange.

A Singular Achievement in Craftsmanship and Design Finely hand-crafted in durable, rugged stainless steel with ion-plated 24K-gold accents, the Always, My Son” Personalized Bracelet features a stylish 8%” classic two toned chain link bracelet. At the center is a solid stainless steel plate which you personalize with your son’s initials. The back is engraved with the loving sentiment, My Son, I Love You Today, Tomorrow and Always.” Unique and distinctive, this is a gift that any son will enjoy wearing.

A Remarkable Value…

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