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The scientific rationale for the carbohydrate-depletion/carbohydrate-loading regime was detailed in post 3 (see Exercises 3.5), and sample diets for the carbohy-drate-depletion and carbohydrate-loading phases are included in post 15.

To recap, the basic theory holds that the body’s carbohydrate stores are filled more completely if a very-high-carbohydrate diet is eaten for the last 3 to 7 days before competition. In this carbohydrate-loaded state the athlete can expect to

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All these questions are answered in greater detail in post 15. I feel that it is probably unnecessary and unwise to follow an absolutely rigid 3-day depletion phase and that a modified depletion phase in which carbohydrate is restricted and one runs only short distances in training is probably better. However, I am not convinced that the depletion phase is necessarily as dangerous as some have suggested.

The loading phase need last only 3 days, during which you should mainly eat complex carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrate eaten each day during the loading phase should be 500 g. Thus, you need to take some form of carbohydrate-loading drink during this period, because it is essentially impossible to eat 500 g of carbohydrate on a normal diet (see Exercises 15.2).

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