Sonja Morgan Says Rhony Co-Stars Are Miserable

All right Sonia you look gorgeous tonight what are your plans for summer 2018 we’re at the okay summer kick-off party what do you got going on well who knows. Because I just did this you know I went to the retreat Costa Rica then I went to crap hollow, and the brochures. I did yoga with LuAnn then we went to Hilton Head, and we did more yoga more plant-based diet now. I just came back from Bali I saw the Bali picked. So what’s up I’m doing the yoga, and you know body-mind connection I always quit drinking October to March you know when I’m posting the show cuz the girls are giving me flack for you know getting shit-faced, and getting pounded now they’re getting shit-faced, and pounded they’ve always have done, it’s just like now. That I’m not not even more jealous do you feel like you’ve been the black sheep of this season I’m reading, and everyone’s feeling bad for you I wouldn’t say I’m the black sheep I’d say I’m too angel, and they’re just jealous. Because I just start I have a new collection the more affordable collection 25 to 250. Because everyone is asking for I have a new shopping app that’s doing great. I have a new shoe collection, it’s like what are they gonna picking up. Yeah good I think they should take a look in the mirror, and see that they’re miserable, and I’m very happy good for you summer out two-piece summer off to peace now cuz I put on weight with this antidepressant that kind of made me upset. But I needed it I don’t regret it I needed it to stop, and think maybe. Because I was a lard ass I couldn’t move weebles wobble. But they don’t fall down I really needed that time have you gone off antidepressants oh. Yeah I got off the when it came back, and that’s what I said to the girls you know I might be a little bit off or say things I don’t mean after I came out of the starting gate it was just all up from there.

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