Hands and feet need extra care when the temperature drops. Keep a heavy-duty hand moisturiser in your bag that’s rich in Vitamin E for multiple application during the day. Twice a week, pamper your feet with a foot soak to soften the dry skin. For added moisture and softness, slather a foot balm and wear cotton socks to bed they’ll block evaporation and help the cream penetrate more effectively.


One of the most interesting forms of resort beauty spas is the cruise ship beauty spa. Like a stay at a hotel or a resort, someone who takes a cruise on a ship equipped with a beauty spa can access its services, just as they would participate in the other activities offered on board. The inclusion of beauty spa services among the other services available means that the package ordinarily includes them, and does not require guests to pay for them above and beyond the cost of the cruise. This is also usually the case at many hotel or resort beauty spas, where use of the beauty spa on site may be part of the package. If there is an additional charge for certain services, it should be figured into the cost of the cruise if your plans include taking advantage of them. As far as trends for the near future in hotel and resort beauty spas go, there are an increasing number of these facilities that have actually introduced beauty spa elements into sleeping rooms, including whirlpools and massage tables. Similarly, the designated beauty spa area in a hotel or resort may feature homey items such as a fireplace or a television. Many beauty spa lifestyle communities are being developed, where an entire community is oriented around makeupy lifestyle, including both houses in the development and common areas, much like golf courses have been in luxury and retirement communities. Destination Spas Destination beauty spas differ from hotel or resort beauty spas, in that they are facilities completely dedicated to providing a beauty spa experience for their guests. The array of services found at other types of beauty spa is offered.

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