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A Master’s student specialising in lifestyle accessory design, Srishti’s Mineral Collection is inspired by concentric lines of Agate stone. We love the way she employed undulating wooden waves to make small objects. The runner-up is postgraduate student Riddhi – her indigo textile was created using controlled dye techniques of pole wrapping and resist dyeing with natural colours.

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The crew of the Horomaya were not efficient, because of the division between them and because of the lack of discipline that had been allowed to take hold. Essentially, the division was because there were two groups: the ‘old’ ones and the ‘young’ ones. This division affected both the deck crew and the engine-room crew, although we deck cadets were only concerned with the deck crew – of which there were four grades: able seaman (AB); efficient deck hand (EDH); deck hand uncertified (DHU); and deck boys. Deck boys were first-trippers under the age of 18. Of the deck crew for the Horomya, the old ones were experienced ABs who were mostly in their 40s, some in their 50s. They had been to sea for decades and were good seaman who knew most of what there was to know. The young ones were in their late-teens and 20s, ABs and EDHs, mostly competent seaman although clearly less experienced. The old ones thought the young ones were idle lads who didn’t know what they were doing and needed to be kept in order, whereas the young ones thought the old ones were over-the-hill fools who couldn’t work properly and didn’t know what was going on. It was, I suppose, pretty much the same relationship that existed in all walks of life and had existed for time immemorial. Now, that might have been a resolvable situation, if that were all: but there was another dimension.

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