Special Makeup Effect: How to Cover a Tattoo

Depending on the designer and the mood of her/his collection, it is sometimes necessary to cover a model’s tattoo. I use the following method, which will work for anyone seeking to conceal a tattoo.

Find a thick, yellow-based medical concealer (companies like Covermark make heavy-coverage makeup used for covering scars, etc.). Ideally, you should purchase this makeup product in three different tones: The first product should be a perfect match for your skin tone; the second is one tone lighter than skin tone; and the third is two tones lighter than skin tone. You will be applying makeup from the lightest to the darkest shade.

Using a concealer brush, begin by applying the lightest color makeup over the tattoo to form a base. The trick is keeping the makeup only on the tattoo not on skin. Both a stiff brush and a fairly thick concealer consistency help on this count. Then layer on the next darker shade and blend it in. Now, gently blend skin tone makeup over top. Then set with powder that matches skin tone, using puff.

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