Spencers Homecoming Updo from Pretty Little Liars

Hey girls Abbey here with our second Spencer inspired style from Pretty Little Liars this one is from the homecoming dance again and it is one that was really requested I had a really hard time figuring out what the back looked like I watched that episode. So many times like I do not want to watch the homecoming episode again like ever uh but anyway and no matter how many times I watch it I still couldn’t get a totally good read on what the back looked like. So I just kind of like what was what it kind of looked like it might have been and then kind of made a little bit of my own up and then I think the end product looks like Spencer I think it’s pretty and I like it a lot this was the part that we could very easily see was there if you don’t have short bangs like this or you don’t like this then you can just you know pin this back and you’re totally fine in the hairstyle is still really pretty this actually isn’t really my thing I probably wouldn’t wear this out but it was in the original style and if you like it then now you know how to do it.

Spencers Homecoming Updo from Pretty Little Liars Photo Gallery

So yeah. So that’s it and now I’ll gonna go ahead and roll the tutorial I hope you guys love it and I’ll see you my next post mwah fight start off by sectioning off your friends if you want to have those little kind of hanging curls there and if not then you can skip that step and then I’ll gonna add some curl texture to my hair just because my hair is naturally very flat and straight and I like hot rollers to do that because it’s kind of the quickest way to get that done one thing about these hot rollers though is that they hold a curl pretty well when you put them into a style but if you want to curl your hair and leave your hair down in curls all day the curl does not send a hold well on my hair. So I’ll just gonna go ahead and say that I like them for curling before I do a hair style but not if I’ll gonna curl my hair for all day anyway split your hair in half and then on the half that your bangs are on you’re gonna go ahead and start twisting up at the very top and then continue twisting along the base of your hairline until you incorporate all the hair from that half.

I didn’t have much hair left over after that but if you have any hair left over like a little bit of a skirt then you can just twist it and kind of twist it into a little bun on the side there and then pin it into place and then we’re essentially gonna do the same thing on the other side you’re gonna twist your hair back just like. So until you incorporate all the hair from the front and then you’re gonna twist the end of it until you get all of that into like a little nice twist like that and then you’re going to wrap that twist into a bun and you’re gonna do that on the side ignore that like ridiculous flyaway that I have right there I fixed it later but that hair is not supposed to be out like that sorry but just wrap that into a little bun on the side and pin it into place and then if you want to do these little hanging curls. So you can take a one-inch curling iron or if you have a or a inch that’ll work too and just curl little half inch sections away from your face try to start them all at the same height. So that they all kind of end up going together and then I didn’t end them up I just let them hang because I didn’t you’d really don’t want tight curls here. So just curl them and then let them fall and then take a little one-inch section from the front and pull it back to the very top of that twist and pin it in place and you’re done.

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