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The You Big-sphere

Self: Importance of individual development, management of life, and confidence. Emotional symptoms also belong in this sphere.

Body: How body image, nutrition, fitness, and medical health relate to wellness.

Spirit: Themes of religion, universal meaning, personal faith, addiction recovery, and connection with something greater than self.

Fun: Pleasurable hobbies and playful activities as vital sources of life energy.

Home: The notion of the place where we live and how it impacts our lives.

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The Career Big-sphere

Work: Issues involving jobs and careers, and how work can evolve into a calling.

Money: Financial skills and how they relate to larger issues of emotional well-being.

The People Big-sphere

Love: Everything from dating skills to intimate relationships.

Family: Relationships with children, parents, siblings, and nontraditional definitions of family.

Friends: Forming and fostering platonic relationships that add joy and meaning to life.

Community: Group membership and volunteering for the good of others and how they bring purpose and fulfillment.

As you looked at each of these spheres, you may have instinctively noted where you were having problems as well as where you were fine. That’s terrific. Your instincts are often reliable, and you should heed them. At the same time, people are complex. Sometimes you can fool yourself about your strengths and weaknesses in each sphere. Or you may just need help in knowing what to do to strengthen a weak area of your life or even further fortify an existing strength.

For these and other reasons, I’m going to provide you with some insights about each sphere as well as some tools to do productive work in each of them. Before we do this, though, I need to give you a sense of why the spheres are crucial for achieving balance, how they evolved from specific societal developments, and how they helped a guy named Tom achieve a much fuller, more meaningful life.

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