Spice Girls Lyrics Challenge

Get your shit together, we.. No, if your shit together.. we could be just fine. Fk. I totally grew up listening to the Spice Girls. I was like around 7 when I first heard about them. People at my school were starting to freak out about them and then I bought the record and I was so obsessed with them. I’m giving you everything, you know, like it just, yeah. Get your shit together, we.. No, if your shit together.

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We could be just fine. Fk. Can you play that again? Can you play it one more time? Get your ass together, we could be just fine. I don’t know if she’s saying ass or shit. Act? Fk. Okay, of course. No swearing. I guess I’ll have to show you the door. Yes! Tribal spaceman. Positivity. Fk. I see yo ho chai. I have no idea what they’re saying actually. Like no idea. Know just where you’re going.

Stop right now, thank you very much. There ain’t no re be da me.. But I don’t know what she says. Okay like I got a couple of the words right. Show how good you are. Yay! Okay, so I got 3 right. And I’m pretty disappointed about that actually, to be honest, but yeah. Oh, so good!.

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