Spicy Braised Bean Curd


1 lb. bean curd

1 cup vegetable oil.

1 tbsp. Broad-bean sauce.

2 tsp. Mashed garlic.

1 tbsp.

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Each minced scallion and ginger.

1 tbsp. Each sherry and soy sauce.

3/4 cup clear broth.

2 tbsp. Cornstarch dissolved in water.

1 tsp. Sesame oil.

Minced Sichuan pepper to taste.

To Prepare:

1. Dice the bean curd into 1 cm. Cubes, fry in heated oil until they turn yellow, and drain. After draining, soak in soda water for 2 minutes and then in clear water to clean off the soda.

2. Heat oil over a high flame, add bean sauce, mashed garlic, scallion, and ginger and stir-fry until oil turns red. Add sherry, soy sauce, broth and bean curd and simmer. When it reaches a boil reduce to a low flame and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add dissolved cornstarch and sprinkle with Sichuan pepper powder and sesame oil before serving.

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