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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And this morning, we’re going to film a kind fun updo that I think would be great for a Thanksgiving party or even a Christmas party, if you needed one, or if you’re a little older, a dance. Any of those. Really fun. A viewer sent this in. Her name is Christina. So thank you, Christina, for sending us a great post. And this one’s for you. So I have started and we’re going to call this spiral twists. I think I forgot to say that. I have started by just French twisting her hair back into a ponytail just for a little added embellishment. If you don’t want to do that, it’s not necessary whatsoever for the hairdo, and you can just start simply with a ponytail from this point forward. I will put a link to a post that we have done previously that explains how to do the French twist part of it.

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OK. So if you’re starting from this point, you are just going to put your hair into a ponytail. And then I’m going to just kind of roughly divide her hair into three sections. So I’m going to kind of go from the side, pull one section, and then kind of divide this one in half, top to bottom. Now I’m just going to kind of flip those out of the way for now. Now, I’m going to do this wet because we’re going to be twisting it tight, and I don’t want any loose flyaways. If you don’t want to do it wet, you could do it dry and just pomade on the ends as well. And it will act the same way this water does, which basically will keep the flyaways in. So I’m going to start twisting up the whole chunk. I’m twisting to the right at this point. As I’m going to go along, I’m just going to kind just try as best I can to keep any of her ends from flying out too much. When I get down to the end, I’m going to take that and wrap it up. And I’m going to start rolling this up. This is where the spiral comes in. So we’re just rolling it up. And it’s going to start looking like a little seashell, sort of. And if the middle pops out, that’s OK. Just try to hold it as best as you can. So we’ve got our kind of fancy-looking rosette at this point. I’m going to twist it once more. There we go. OK.

Now I’m going to lay it on her head. And I’m going to take some bobby pins. And I’m going to go ahead and just secure it onto her head. Now, you can use as few or as many bobby pins as you need. For now, I’m going to leave it like that. Now I’m going to repeat the same process with this next piece, and I’m going to, again, twist to the right. Just trying to secure those flyaways as I go down. And again, when I get to the end, I’m going to go ahead and start rolling it up. And when I get up here to the top this time, I am going to flip that around and lay it right here. And again, just go ahead and secure it with a couple bobby pins like so. One more. There we go. OK. Now on the next piece, I am going to reverse the direction I’m twisting it. So this time, I’m going to twist to my left. And then again, just going to roll it up when I get to the end. And this one, I am going to put right there. And secure with bobby pins. And there you go. And you can continue to pine until give me one more for this one side until you feel like it’s nice and secure. This one’s really actually securing pretty easily. I’m just going to give this one a little extra boost. And when you’re all done pinning, you have this really pretty, fun, little rosettes with the spiral twists. And, like I said, you don’t have to do the French twist in the front. I just thought it added a little bit of fun. And you’re ready to go to a great Christmas party, Thanks giving dinner, formal dinner, or even a fun dance if you’ve got some cute clips for your homecoming or prom or any of those. See you later. Bye.

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