Splinters, Infected

After removing a splinter, always apply a drop of lavender oil to prevent infection. Splinters can be dangerous if they do become infected – often because a small portion of the splinter remains embedded in the skin.

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If the splinter is infected, sore and with pus: clean the area gently, apply pure lavender oil, then cover with a clay poultice or plaster (adhesive bandage) and leave for 2 hours to help draw it out. Remove the splinter with a pair of tweezers – repeat the procedure if this does not work – then apply a few drops of lavender and cover with a plaster (adhesive bandage).

Other oils of benefit: tea tree, chamomile (for inflammation).


As an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, lavender is useful for treating sprains.

Prepare a cold compress to which a few drops of lavender (or chamomile) have been added, apply to the injury. Repeat as often as possible to reduce the swelling. Do not massage the injured area; wrap it in a bandage and rest as much as possible.

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