Spring Edition Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, I’m going to walk you through my spring inspired outfits and makeup look using only one brand from the drugstore. So today. I’m going to start with my face first. And I’m going to prime my skin with the L’Oreal magic lumi light infusing primer a little bit of this goes a long way and you can actually mix it with your foundation to give your skin a nice glow next. I’m going to use the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte 24 hour foundation. And I’m going to apply this all over my face with the damp Beauty Blender this foundation has medium coverage and it also dries really fast. So if you’re going to apply a lot for coverage then I highly recommend doing one side of your face at a time by the way, if you want to know my shade I’ll place everything in the post description below next. I’m going to use the True Match super blendable crayon concealer. And I usually pick a shade that’s lighter than my skin tone. So that I can use it to brighten up areas like underneath my eyes around my nose mouth and also the bridge of my nose careful when rubbing concealer around your eyes. Because the skin there is really delicate too what I usually do is I just Pat it with my fingers until it blends in now. I’m going to set my concealer and my foundation with the powder.

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So that it lasts all day and here. I’m using the available Pro matte powder later on don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting spray. So that it lasts even longer and my favorite from the drugstore is the infallible pro spray and set for eye makeup. I’m going to apply a color all over my lids and the one. I’m using is called amber rush these infallible eyeshadows are almost like pressed pigments. So I usually just throw my clean finger in there and apply the color directly on my lids using a small pencil brush. I’m also going to apply some of this color on my bottom lash line next.

I’m going to go into my color each eyeshadow quad and Rose nude. And I’m going to pick up the lightest shade and apply it underneath my brows for a subtle highlight for the crease shade. I’m going to pick up a light beige color. And I’m going to apply this right in my crease and this is also going to blend out the harsh lines of the previous color to add definition to my eyeshadow look. I’m going to pick up the darkest shade and apply it to the outer corner when applying color to the outer V which is this area over here you just want to add the color gradually and blend blend blend to emphasize my almond shape eyes I like to use black liquid eyeliner right above my upper lash line and the one.

I’m using is the infallible super slim apply this product in short strokes and, if you want to create a winged – elongating your eyes moving on to eye lashes. I’m going to curl them and apply mascara and today. I’m using the Loreal voluminous miss mango rock, if you have short sparse lashes like I do then you might really enjoy this. Because as you can see it adds a lot of volume I already applied it on my right eye. And I’m working on my left after I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I’m also going to add some false lashes for an extra change.

So here’s the finished look the camera washes the colors out a bit. But – trust me though amber brush color is beautiful and you have to get it for this. I’m going to go for this coral shade to call everlasting caramel and this is the infallible 2-step lipstick. So first you apply the lip color by outlining it on your lips after that you want to fill it in and continue with the bottom now, if you make a mistake you want to wipe this really fast. Because once it dries is going to stay put there I have to apologize for the bright yellow lighting here. But you will see the true color of this lipstick later now after it dries for one minute you apply the second step which is the gloss to complete this look. I’m going to apply a light pink blush on my cheeks and this one is the true match blush in the shade baby blossom spring is one of my favorite seasons.

Because I love to see the flowers in bloom. And I also love white floral prints if you’ve been reading me for a while you know it’s true for today’s look. I’m wearing a maxi wrap dress and for my handbag. I’m carrying the same one that I’ve been training for the past year. I’m not really a handbag person. But once I buy one I will use it till this trash and this one is holding up really well since this is second a hair. I’m just going to throw ahead on this is our secret now.

I’m quite a shortie and this dress is really long. So I decided to pair it with my quark wedges this is what it looks like all put together now I know I haven’t done a fashion post in a long time. But, if you guys want a spring lookbook let me know in the comments below. So that’s the end of this post I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did and you want more posts like this, don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later ciao comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and don’t forget to check out my previous tutorials.

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