Find the most flattering heel shape to complement your leg shape. If you have slim and shapely ankles, a tapered slim heel will reflect this visually, whereas thick ankles benefit from a more sturdy, straight heel.

If you know you have a long night of dancing ahead of you, slip a pair of silicone gel comfort cushions into your party shoes; the torture of wearing killer heels for hours on end will be dramatically reduced.


Life feels in balance when things just flow, you have beauty space to think and time to do and, most of all, your key stakeholders (mine are my husband and kids) are happy, loved and cared for. Yes, it can be difficult to get to a good place with this, but it just takes awareness and communication and a little hard work at the outset to set up processes that will help things run smoothly. MY ROAD TO starting a business These are some key lessons I have learnt during my years running Motivate Me and beyond. If possible, don not jump straight in if you can build your business after hours while in a day job, do it. Many people leave their day job then stress about earning enough money or attracting customers. A vision board is powerful. Cut out pictures and make a collage. If you’re a visual person, a vision board will help you focus on where you are taking yourself, your family, your education, your business. When you’re stuck, looking at your board can remind you of your original goals and help you make a decision. Explore multiple revenue streams to see what works.

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