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Hi everyone today I’m going to show you my spring look from start to finish first.

I’m going to pop in my contacts. So I can see myself clearly in the mirror now. I’m going to take my facial moisturizer. And I’m going to mix it with some BB cream using my Sigma f80 brush. I’m going to mix the two products together and apply it to my face usually I do use my hands but, because. I’m touching the camera and other products here I decided to just use a brush, if you have oily to combination skin don’t do this.

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Because these two products are very moisturizing now. I’m going to apply a liquid concealer underneath my eyes. And I’m going to blend it in with a blending brush prep your lips with lip balm. So that your lipstick will go on smoothly later since the BB cream was a tad lighter than my actual skin color. I’m going in with a darker setting powder I like to Pat my powder on. Because it prevents the BB cream from rubbing off onto the brush and also I have dry skin.

So if I rub too hard it gets quite flakey before I apply my eye makeup I always fill in my brows first. Because this helps frame your face and it also serves as a guide for the application of the eyeshadow for the eye makeup you want to apply an eyeshadow primer all over your lids this will prevent your colors from creasing for this look I’ll be using my new tooth palette by the balm. And I’m going to make snobby and sassy together and apply this underneath my brows as the highlight now take a map pink and a shimmery pink mix them together and apply this all over your lids up to your crease with a fluffy blending brush you want to pick up a matte brown shade and apply this in your crease then you want to blend the color in using windshield wiper motion this will soften the edge of the pink and it will also give your eyes more dimension. Because I want to keep this looks off. I’m going to use brown eyeliner. And

I’m going to apply some right above my lash line and, if you plan on wearing fake lashes you also want to create a little wing at the end then you want to use brown eye shadow to set your eyeliner to blend out the dark eyeliner a bit you want to pick up a light bronze color and apply this to the edge of the eyeliner to smudge it out this will give it a softer lip use a brown eyeliner and apply this to your waterline you also want to go over your upper lash line to redefine your eyes torture your lashes and apply your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes since I didn’t use black eyeliner. I’m going to apply some fake lashes to make my eyes pop let the glue dry clear and bam your eyes should look something like this, now back to the face as you know I like the fresh clean look. So I’m going to apply a baby pink blush on my cheeks to keep this spring makeup looking simple and natural. I’m going to skip the bronzer and apply a subtle highlighter for this particular task I like to use my Ecotools fan brush. And I like to apply the highlighter above my cheeks on the bridge of my nose on my chin as well as my forehead and this definitely brightens up my face apply a natural-looking lipstick color and you’re done. So here’s the completed look I think it looks natural and clean. But at the same time it’s also playful and fun now this fun an outfit that will complement this look Barthez look I wanted to embrace the girly side.

So I wear this beautiful flowy dress the dresses light and airy and the lace details give it a really feminine touch I accessorized this outfit with a gold chain and a heart pattern Cup I also paired the just with these cute jewel-studded sandals and for some extra sun protection I wore my floppy hat from forever 21 to complete the look I added a pop of black. So that’s it for this post I hope it was enjoyable and, if you guys would like to see more of these then let me know in the comments down below thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you guys later bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and feel free to check out my other tutorials.

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