Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends


Working from home has changed the way we dress, and it will change the way we shop. These days we’re all about dressing from the waist up: it’s all about hair, eye makeup in public, lipstick for Zoom, jewellery and glasses, and a good top or jacket. A quick side note about makeup: Covid happened alongside the rise of drag culture, so you can expect makeup to be very influenced by that: dramatic, perfect, exaggerated. Another side note about makeup: copper is the new black.

As the substance most equipped to destroy viruses, copper is going to be everywhere — from homeware to jewellery to makeup and fashion. Metallics will come back with a vengeance. The work wardrobe as we knew it is a thing of the past. The need for comfort now outweighs the need for the business suit. Local designer Shana Morland, known for her frilly, lacy gowns, started making tracksuits during the pandemic.

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Photo Gallery

Sure, they will still set you back about two and a half grand, but it’s definitely a sign of the times. People will spend more on evening wear than they will on workwear – when we do actually go out, we’ll go all out: we’ll be wearing a killer outfit and killer shoes. Going out will be much more of an event than it used to be. Those are the two trends then: hot, high-end fashion for going out; and ethical, breathable, comfortable but classy leisurewear for working from home. And always high-fashion trainers -for both.

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