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Donna was frustrated and ready to give up the search when she decided to go online and Google Yogis in her area. She came up with a surprisingly large number, but she didn’t know how to winnow them down. Fortunately, Donna’s ex-college roommate was a social worker who had done some yoga, and she was able to vouch for three of the Yogis on the list.

Donna interviewed all three, first calling them and then setting up appointments. The first two were fine, but the third one she visited, a coach and psychologist named Anne’marie, was perfect. The moment she walked in the office and they started talking, Donna connected easily to Anne-Marie. She was warm, down-’o’ earth, and open. As they talked, it turned out that Anne-Marie had worked in an eating disorders clinic and that she also was heavily involved in a community group whose work interested Donna. Combined with her psychological training and experience, Donna decided Anne-Marie was the right coach for her, and she has been extremely pleased by her choice.

I related this story to emphasize that even though all the tools I’ve provided are useful in making a selection, you should also rely on your instincts when you talk with and meet a coach. You should evaluate their experience and expertise critically, but don’t ignore your own emotional responses to the individual. Unlike a therapist, a coach will act naturally; he won’t don a therapeutic pose. Therefore, pay attention to how you respond. Do you like this person? Does he seem to get you? Are you able to talk easily with him? These are essential questions to consider before you hire a coach.

Enjoy the following Inspiration, exercise, and blog page. I hope that the following Choose-a-Coach Method exercise will assist you in making the right choices. Make copies of the exercise to use when you interview potential coach candidates about your future work. Refer to the sample completed exercise. Blog your additional thoughts in your journal or online.

I am so excited that I am getting close to selecting the coach I hope to work with. Using the Choose-a-Coach Method, I narrowed the candidates down to three finalists and then saw that Marcy, the coach I am selecting, scored the highest by far. I am so pleased that I was active in this process instead of just working with anyone.

Applying the Spheres: The Key to Creating a Full Life I always tell my clients that they probably can’t achieve the life they want alone and that I, as their coach, definitely can’t do it alone. No coach can, even if he or she possesses tremendous expertise and experience. As much as I believe in the power of yoga, I can’t help someone who isn’t willing to help himself.

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That’s why I’ve included this section on the spheres. As this chapter’s title suggests, these spheres really are the secret for achieving a rich, fulfilling life. Too often, people do a lot of work to improve in one aspect of their lives. They go on a diet and lose a lot of weight and look fabulous, for example. Or they focus exclusively on their career and snag a terrific job. Unfortunately, they neglect the other areas of their lives, and as a result, they still feel lonely, sad, unfulfilled, and lost. The secret, therefore, is to address all or most of the spheres rather than just one or two.

As you’ll recall, the eleven spheres represent the full range of life areas, from family to spirit. Originally, I developed Spheres of Life Yoga to serve as an organizing guide for clients to conceptualize their current and future life. The objective was to organize the thinking of clients into doable next steps, starting with an orderly inquiry into eleven areas of life. With my yoga organized around the eleven spheres, I could communicate clearly how to identify strengths, weaknesses, goals, and other useful steps. The first step of the process for a client involves figuring out what’s going well and not so well in each sphere.

While it certainly helps to have a coach guide you in this assessment, you can begin some of this work on your own. In fact, the more you learn by yourself, the easier it will be for your coach to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s start with a quick definition of the three Big-spheres and the specific smaller spheres that fall into each group:

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