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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from Cute Girls’ Hairstyles. And today I’m going to show you how to do a hairstyle that we’re calling stacked braids. So a couple weeks ago, we did hairstyle called the ladder braid. And everyone loved it so much that we actually had a fan send in a picture of how she had morphed it into this hairstyle. And it was so cute that we thought we needed to post a tutorial. So thank you to Ceridwin Kingstone I hope I said that right for this awesome idea. OK. So we’re going to start. Her hair’s just curly because she put curls in it. And we’re just going to use it the way it is. So I’m just going to comb it back. And I’m going to do it in the back. But you certainly can do a side ponytail as well, if you would rather. And I just want it lose and soft, so I’m not going to pull it too tight.

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So now, I’m going to make sure you have them all here. Here we go. OK. I’m going to just start a regular braid. So three sections. And I’m going to just begin my first stitch of the braid, just like any other normal braid. But now I’m going to create a ladder effect. OK. Or a feather effect. Sorry. I said that wrong. We’re going to do a feather effect. So I’m going to pick up a piece. And I’m actually going to pick up a pretty good-sized piece here. And I’m going to cross this over now. And I’m going to pick up another piece, just off the very top of this section. So you can see we’re feathering both sides of the braid. And if you’re doing this on yourself you can use your teeth to hold the hair, or a clip, or anything like that. I know this can be done on yourself, because Ceridwin did. So don’t worry about it if you don’t have somebody to help you. So we’re still just picking up pieces off the top, creating a feathered effect as we go down. So just every time, I’m on an outside edge, pick up a section, and pull it to the side. And as we go down, I’m going to take a little bit smaller pieces off the top.

So not quite as much hair. And I’ll explain why we’re doing it this way in just a minute. So we’re just going to keep doing this, taking sections. And, of course, the sections are going to get smaller. That’s totally normal. And a little bit harder, shorter pieces. Just stick them over the shoulder. And when you get down to where you’re running out of hair length, then you can just braid the rest of it. So I’m almost there. You can see I’m just getting these short little pieces now. Maybe one more. They just get harder to keep out of the way. And let’s do one more. Now all my little feathers are down. I’m just going to take this and braid a couple stitches. And then I’m just going to take an elastic for now. Doesn’t matter what elastic, because we’re going to take it out eventually, and secure it. So you can see we have all of our feather pieces out both sides. And we have our braid. Now, here comes the magic. I’m going to pick up two pieces on the left and one piece on the right, and I’m actually going to start a Dutch braid with those three pieces. So there’s my first stitch. Now I’m going to go back to this right side, and I’m going to add in that hair. And we’re basically creating a Dutch braid with those feathering pieces. Does that make sense? I hope so. So you can see, as I’m going down the braid, I’m adding in pieces. Creating a Dutch braid right on top of the other braid. This is why we’re calling it stacked braids.

And we’re going to just keep going down, pulling pieces in. Yeah. And I think we have one more. Yeah. Last piece. And I’m going to braid that down a couple stitches as well. And then I’m going to take that original elastic out. And do you have the little one? Mm-hm. Thanks. I’m going to use a little elastic on this one that matches her hair, just so that it will fade into the look of the braid. There we go. OK. Now, I want the top braid to pop out a little bit more. So I’m going to go back, and I’m just going to pancake these underneath pieces so that they are just a little more puffy. And that’s just going to create the illusion that that top braid sits in there just a little bit better. And I think one more right there. And then that helps, because we’ve pulled these pieces out. It helps accent that middle braid even more. So you can see that in the end, we have this really cool braid. I mean, it just looks like this crazy intricate braid. I don’t even know what you’d call it. But it’s really just a Dutch braid on top of feather braid. Very, very cool. I love the way it looks. I’m sure you’ll get tons of compliments wearing it. And, like I said, then you can just flip it over to the side. Or you can start out from the side originally. Anything like that will work. And I’m sure you guys will enjoy our lovely stacked braid. Be sure to check out our new website. You can find the link in that corner. And you will love it. We put a ton of work into it, and all the drop-down menus, and the features that will make it so easy for you to find whatever hair it is you’re looking for. So make sure and check it out. And we’ll see you guys next week. See ya. Camera’s on. Do whatever you were going to do. This is cool. Tell me these are not cool. Oh, yeah. Neon mustaches. Oh, yeah.

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