Stacked Bubble Braid Back to School Hairstyles

Hello, guys! I’m Abby from LA, and Kamri’s here. Hi guys! Helping me today to show you guys how to do the stacked bubble braid. Now, this one’s a really great hairstyle because it literally takes like five minutes, and everyone’s looking for those back-to-school five minute hairstyles, and it’s also up off your face and full-back, so fantastic for those of you that are sporty or athletic or dancers or what have you. Now, if you guys haven’t seen the cool new features at the ends of our posts where you can actually click all from your mobile devices, be sure to wait ’til the end of the post and you’ll see the little buttons pop up ’cause they’re super cool.

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Be sure to give us a thumbs up. Don’t forget to comment to our blog down below, and let’s go. So, to begin this hairstyle, I’ve just put an accent braid in the front of Kamri’s hair. This is just gonna make it look a little more grown up, and it’s totally optional. We’ve swooped all of her hair up into a really high ponytail, and she has pretty thick and long hair, so just to secure it and make sure that the ponytail goes really up and has lift, I’m gonna add a second elastic on top of that first one. That’s a little ponytail trick. Those of you that have long, thick hair too. Now, you can see this is just remnants of that braid I put in her hair, but I’m gonna go ahead and finish off this braid, since it’s the perfect thickness for where I’m heading. Now we have everything ready to do our bubble ponytail and the accent braid. So we’re going to brush out her hair. Just make sure it’s pretty smooth and sleek. If you have curly hair, you can straighten it.

That’s what Kamri’s done. Now I’m gonna lay the braid right down the middle. And I’m gonna go up to the top and go down a couple of inches, and then put an elastic around it. We want that accent braid to be running right down the middle. Now I’m gonna go and just pull the sides of her hair, just like you were pulling a bubble ponytail, like that. Here you have an option. You can take a piece of hair and wrap around your elastics like this, and then bobby pin ’em, if you want to. Or you can just leave the elastics in there, whatever your preference is. I don’t personally love the bobby pins ’cause I think they fall out throughout the day, so I’m probably just gonna use matching elastics and let it go. And just right here, I’m just making sure that the braid is staying on the top part of the hair. I don’t want the hair falling in front of the braid. And right here at the end, I’m gonna remove the elastic I had on the original braid, and I’m just going to put a double elastic in the bottom, just for added security. Alright, let’s do the final spin. So pretty! Guaranteed to get comments on that one. Okay, so if you want to comment to our blog, you can click this little nifty circle right here, where you can actually click it and comment. If you want to watch more of our hairstyles, click right here, and if you have missed our Behind the Braids blogs, you can click right here to see them. That’s it, guys. We’ll see you next Sunday! Bye!.

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