Stacked Fishtail Looped Braid Hairstyles

Welcome to another week, I learned a teach hairstyles my name is Kerry. And this is my daughter Graycie Hi Everyone! This blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyles.

Stacked Fishtail Looped Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment. And if you’re already a commentr we thank you. So much for supporting us they are going to be showing you guys how to do is back fishtail braids.

So let’s get started, I already went ahead. And put her top part of the hair up just to get it out of the way because we’re going to use that last you’re going to take a section from here to here scoop up the section, I’m going to wet her hair a little bit just to tame those flyaways. And it works better when it’s wet but you can do this dry if you like, I’m going to put a little gel.

And anything, I mentioned in this tutorial, I’ll leave a link in the description box below okay. So you’re gonna split this into three equal parts. And you’re going to create a stitch of a braid cross that over you’re going to take a small section on the side here put it to the side take the left section cross it over the middle.

And again take a small section from this strand put it to the side. And then again do another stitch. And every time that you do a stitch or then take a small section from the side you can take this strand of that section you want to have her hold it gonna brought this strand.

And blend it in with this one again cross over take a small section. And then have her hold this. So here take this strand.

And blend it in with this here. And then again cross over. And this is all repeated a small section trade it with her you’re gonna do this a couple of times going down once you get down to here you want to take these strands.

And pull them out the ones that you blend it in to pull them out. And just continue all the way down doing doing the same steps okay. I’m at the bottom just then go ahead.

And secure this off gonna go back. And pull the loops out okay. So your loop braid should look like this at the end then you can go ahead take hop up here.

And you’re just going to go ahead. And do a fishtail if you don’t know how to do a fishtail you can click right here. And then go ahead with her hair down a little need to split down the middle.

And just create your fishtail since, I’m at the bottom, I’ll go ahead. And secure that off right here together, I’m gonna take some bobby pins. And then just pin it right behind the loop braid, I’m just going to pin it right here.

So it stays in place. And there you have it – me thank you guys. So much for reading we hope you find value in this tutorial if this is that they’d like us to recreate then comment down below don’t forget to check out more of our posts over there.

And there tell us some love by giving us a thumbs up. And cooking the logo below say no to any of our upcoming tutorials love you guys with your backpack learn it do it. And teach it out of my eyes.

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