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Hey guys, Abby here from Twist Me Pretty. I am back with Cute Girl Hairstyles today to share with you how to get this side stacked braid. I always want to say stacked, no it’s stacked side braid. The stacked side braid, so I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. And I’m also teaching you how to fishtail braids. So if you’re curious on how to do that on yourself I have some tricks up my sleeve for you. And make sure to comment below to Cute Girl Hairstyles if you haven’t already. And let’s get started. So bring your hair over to the front of your shoulder and then take a small two inch section from underneath. And I’m actually just going to clip this to my shirt to get it out of the way. And now we’re gonna start our fishtail braid. So divide your hair into two sections. And I like to hold the sections with my knuckles facing outward.

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And then using your index finger. You’re gonna split off a sliver of hair from the back of one of those sections and just pass it over to the other section. And I like to just focus on rotating my wrists and keeping my hands in the same place. So that it doesn’t get too confusing. So you’re just going to gather a little section of hair with your index finger and just kind of pass it over rotating your wrist just pass it over to the other side. And then you’re just going to repeat these steps all the way down. So the smaller sections you take, the more intricate and time consuming your braid is going to be. And if you’re having a hard time holding all of the sections, try putting your hair into a side ponytail to begin with. And then you can just cut it out when you’re all finished. And then when you reach the bottom, just go a head and pull on those sections to make it look more thick and full. And then you’re just going to tie it all off with a clear elastic.

Now were going to take that clipped back section and split it into three sections and we’re just going to do a regular three strand braid all the way down. Next just lay the small braid down the center of the fishtail and tie both braids off with a clear elastic. And then go ahead and remove the one that you put in to tie off the fishtail braid. Now we’re just gonna secure the smaller three strand braid to the fishtail with a couple of bobby pins. So I like to actually secure it from behind the fishtail braid. But you can also go into the braid from the front. I just think it’s a little bit harder to hide the bobby pins that way, so I just kind of thread it up through. Grab that three strand braid and just tuck it underneath. And then if you have any little side hairs that fall out, just roll them back and pin it down. What do you guys think? Do you love it? If you do, make sure you come over to my blog. Again my name is Abby, and my blog is Twist Me Pretty. I’ll make sure to leave the link in the description box below. Come watch a couple of posts, comment, say hi. And yeah if you want to see the post that I did last time. You can click in this little information box right up here. And I’ll see you in a couple of weeks for a new tutorial. Bye guys.

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