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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and I’m here with Brooklyn today, and welcome to Texas. This is the first post we’re filming in our new studio here in the Dallas area in our new house, and we have it pretty much set up like the old studio, so you guys should feel right at home with us. So let’s start. Today I’m going to show you how to do what I’m calling a Stacked Twist. This is similar to our Stacked Braids post you can check out here. If you want to go see that one. But it is a little different. I think it has a really fun look to it. So I started by just having Brooklyn put her hair in a little puff at the top like a pompadour and then into a high ponytail. So we wanted to work on it in a ponytail fashion today, but I think this would also look great just as an over-the-shoulder hairdo.

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So to begin I’m just going to pick up a little section of hair right at the top of her ponytail. And I don’t want to get tons here. I’m just going to get like a medium sized piece. Not a huge piece, but not teeny tiny either. I’m going to have her just hang onto that to the side. Now the rest of the hair I’m going to just section into three pieces and do a basic braid. So here’s my first piece, my second, and my third. Now I’m going to begin a basic braid. Now, there are two ways to do a basic braid. You can do it where the edges come in over the middle piece like this. See how I’m bringing the edges in? Or you can do it like the opposite. I found that people either do one or the other. The second way is to take this middle piece and take it out over the edges like this. And that’s what we want today. So make sure when you’re doing yours that middle piece is coming out over the edges. So again, I’m going to take the middle piece and go out, and I’m going to do one stitch of the braid. Now on this piece, this rightmost piece, I’m going to go to the center, and I’m just going to separate off a little section like this.

I’m going to have her hang onto that. And then I’m going to continue the braid. Now that’s very much like our stacked braid where we kind of separate off pieces. Again, on this rightmost piece I’m going to grab a little section. Just her hand onto it. You can see I’m kind of creating a feather effect with the braid as I work my way down. Same thing here. Grab a little section, and just flip it to the side if you don’t have an extra pair of hands. And continue the braid. And each time I get to this right piece, I’m just going to grab another little section and keep it out of the way until you’re down to the bottom of the hair, and then you’re just going to secure the whole thing with an elastic. I’m going to maybe do one more right here and then I’ll be out of hair. When you get to the bottom, I’m going to just use a regular, kind of a big rubber band, right now just because it’s temporary. I’ll just hold it for a second. Hold that so it stays tight. You can see now we have our little feathery pieces going up the braid. You can let them go. Thanks. Now we’re going to take this top piece that we left out and we’re going to separate it into two, and we’re going to do a rope twist. So a rope twist, what you do is you’re going to twist both pieces the same direction, and then you’re going to twist them together the other direction. So I twisted to the right, and then I’m going to twist them together to the left.

So I’ll do it again so you can see it. Both pieces twist them both to the right, and then cross them over to the left. And we’re just going to keep twisting as we go down. Each piece to the right. And when we get to where that first feather comes in, I’m going to grab it and add it into that twist. And just go ahead and add it right in, and keep twisting. And when I get down to where the next feather is, pick it up, give it a twist, and add it in. You can see we’re just working our way down. Again, pick up the feather, twist it in, then work our way down, pick up a piece, twist it in. We’re nearing the end here. Again, pick up that little feather. And last but not least, her little shorty, and twist it in. And then when we get all the way to the end, I’m going to take my permanent elastic just a little one that will be less visible. Secure the whole thing, and then remove that bigger elastic. And then, what I’m going to do, just for added effect, is just go back. Pancake the braid a little bit. Did you just get the chills? Yeah. You tickled my neck. I saw her jump. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Ha, ha. And there you have it. This fun pony tail that just looks totally different, and is going to get a million complements with that little twist running down right over the smack top of it. I’ll spin her again. It looks great. I love it. Yay! Go us! You can check out Brooklyn at Instagram with her twin sister Bailey.

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