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Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie have you line we’re from my blog.

And today since we’re coming up on July 4 we decided to do a star braid right okay. So this is what it looks like. So let’s get started okay.

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I section her hair already into five parts. And the top part I’ve angled them into a pie shape. And then these two here, I went down right to the ear.

And this side here, I made less than the other side this one’s a little bit thicker has more hair than the side here so. And then, I put these two in a ponytail right behind her ear. So now, I’m going to start off the top first, I’m just going to wet her hair a little bit okay.

I’m going to split her hair in half on this side here both sides are going to be braided. And they’re going to be going right down to this these elastic bands here. So you want to braid the side these two strands all the way down to here now you can use any kind of you know different kinds of brains for strand rope twists, I’m just going to do regular three strand braid.

I’m going to take an elastic band. And, I’m going to wrap this braid around this ponytail do the same thing here on the side okay. So now you’re going to take this side you’re going to take this side of the ponytail you got to take a third of the strand.

And you’re going to break it all to this end here okay. So now, I’m going to take it. And secure it over on the side of the ponytail.

So now you have these two here. And you’re going to braid them. And you’re going to clasp them over.

And connect them to each other ponytail okay. So now you have your star what I’d like to do with her ponytail, I’m just going to leave it down you can curl it or braid it whatever you like to do with it, I’m just going to leave it down. And, I’m going to put ribbons in her hair, I’m going to slide it into the elastic band tie it up put another knot in it just.

So it stays in, I’m just going to let it down extreme understand your hand side. And now you can leave it like this. And if this bothers you too much that it is drooping down you can use bobby pins or if you like it this way you could leave it like this which is fine with me here, I’m going to take these little things little Clips accessories.

And split them up on top of the Celeste band. And put a little hairspray. And there you have it this style was inspired by princess hairstyles I’ve got a link in the description box below we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you do please give us a thumbs up.

And comment to the link below if you want to see the latest tutorial you can click on me we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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