Star Twist Buns 4th of July Hairstyles

Hey everyone. Happy th of July holiday. We’re going to put up a th of July hairdo that you can do on your kids tomorrow, and it’s really cute. It’s called star twist. And it’s sort of a take off of one of my other hairdos, where you have the five pony tails and then the twisty buns on them. But this one, we do the hair so that it creates a star in the middle. It’s really fun. So I have started can you tip your head back? by dividing her hair into five sections. There’s a middle section, left, right, and two in the back. And I’ve done a pretty deep part line from the front to the back. So I’ve already done the first ponytail. And I’m going to divide the hair to this side and about a third to the side. We’re going to just put the out of the way for now. I’m going to go ahead and add a little pomade to this hair strand and twist it. And I’m going to bring it down here. This is the back-right section of hair, just so you know. Actually, I’m going to do this. Will you hold this for me for just a sec? So you’re going to just comb the rest of this hair into a little ponytail and then add this hair in. Where’s my elastic?

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I got it. Create another ponytail. So we always try to do some fun, fancy stuff for the th of July. Again, we’re going to divide the hair into and one third. I’m going to add pomade. We love the th of July, so we get all decked out in our red, white, and blue and fun hair and stickers on our faces and bandanas or whatever. And I know this one’s going to get a lot of attention at the parade this morning. OK, and you’re going to bring this strand all the way over to the front-left section. Can you hold this, though, for just a sec? This one? Other hand, please. Thanks. Just hang onto that while I gather the hair up into the ponytail. Thank you. And add that in. And I’ll explain what to do with the we’re leaving out in just a minute. So again, /, one third I try to leave like the little short ends like this into the and not the one I’m twisting across, just because they’ll come out easier. Twist it, and this one, I’m going to take all the way across the head, over to the left-front section. Will you hold that for me, though, first? Just hang onto that one. Imagine like you’re drawing a star on a piece of paper. Can you turn your head this way, please? Thanks. And the pattern you would follow if you were doing that. Thank you. OK, same thingone third. Add a little pomade.

This is a hairdo that might take you a little longer than your normal, daily hairdos. But it’s really fun, just for something different on the th of July. Twist this section. Hang onto that for me, babe. Got our last section over here. Thank you. OK, now when you get to this one, you need to still do the one third, and you’re going to still do the twist and the pomade. But you’re going to twist it up to the first bun we started with to finish off the star. You see? Finishing it off. And on this one, I’m just going to go ahead and twist all of that together. You have a funny hair right there. And now, I’m going to twist it around the whole bun and make just a typical, twisty bun over the ponytail elastic. Rubber band, please. And then, secure it by just putting a rubber band over the whole thing like so. So then, you’re just going to go back to your other buns and do the same thing. My husband’s stomach is just growling and growling. I don’t know if it’s on the post or not. So cover the bun. Twist them all up. And I did do this yesterday on her hair, where I put pipe cleaners around them and twisted the pipe cleaners into the twist as well. And that was kind of fun because the colored pipe cleaners accented the star a little bit. You could add ribbons or sparkles. Or you could even use spray hair color and only spray the star portion, so that it brought the star out a little bit more for a little pop. Last one. Do you have that last elastic? Thanks. And then, just spritz it with a little hairspray to stay in place, and you’ve got a fun star twist.

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