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Welcome week of learning team chair status, I’m Sarah. And this is my boiler crease hi everyone this blog is all about learning new with different hairstyle.

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So this is your first time here we would love for you to comment just ours Arabic let’s hit step you got to go ahead. And section a piece from the top of her hair all the way around to the back of the crown area section that’ll off. And comb this through smooth it out elastic band right here loosen out just a little bit.

So that you don’t see that little crease right back here okay. So you want to just hide that that line okay. So what you want to do is take a slice right here from from her ear let it down smooth it out make three sections.

And you want to braid it all the way down okay, I’ll braid it right down to here secure it with an elastic band wrist Emperor Li. And you’re going to do the same thing on the other side, I’m going to wet the ponytail right here just a little bit, I’m going to take this ponytail you’re going to split this in half this will be put this side. And this will be for that side, I’m going to start on this side first.

And wet it down a bit more, I’m also going to give it some sea salt just to get that texture okay. So what you want to do is take your braids. And you want to skip three braids.

So this little B section here would be a braid okay this little D section would be a braids you want to stick this one skip this one. And skip down you want to get to that one right here okay take your Topsy tail. And put your tops tail right through that third one gonna take your your ponytail that you sectioned off just going to take little pieces of it.

And put right through take your Topsy tail. And bring it right through okay do same thing which helps me out right through here. And grab a little section of that piece of ponytail right through the pump the Topsy tail.

And then the cops it fell through that brave that’s it this is all going to continue until you’re done with this section of the ponytail [Applause] yeah my last strand right through you now you have all these little strands going through the braid. So now what you want to do is do the same thing that you did here on the other side now that, I have all the hairs pulled through into the braid, I’m going to go ahead. And bring down these a little bit just tuck them down.

And bring these two braids together. And take an elastic band. And secure it secure it off come up unravel this goose down yeah looks like an arrow going down kind of like a starburst too as well go ahead put an accessory right up on top just to hide that last pin one right here a little hairspray.

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