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Hey, guys. I’m Abby from Cute Girls Hair Styles. And today, I’m going show you how to do the starburst braid. I’ve been seeing a ton of these pictures floating around. So I thought you guys would want a tutorial. So I started let me flip her around so you can see can you tip your head back by parting like a big round section in the middle of her head and securing it with an elastic. Now I’ve chosen do an elastic, which I normally would not do in her hair, but the bigger the elastic the bigger the poof on the top of the head and it’s going to look more like a beehive. So I’m trying to use the tiniest elastic possible so that we don’t have a big hump on the back of her head. OK. Then you’re going to flip your head down and you’re just going to kind of let this hair fall pretty much evenly around everywhere.

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OK. I’m going to start by picking up a section right here behind her ear where we can kind of hide the beginning of the braid and you’re going to just begin a French braid. When you pick up hair to add in to that top strand, you’re just going to pull it right out of the ponytail and pull it down in and then hair on the bottom comes from the bottom. And you’re just going to continue a French braid all the way around her head. It takes a few minutes to do adding in hair just the same way. So it’s really just a French braid. The only difference is adding where you’re pulling that hair from. Turn around a little bit. The braiding took two minutes, seconds.

OK. When you get to the end, then you’ve added the hair in, we’re just going to go ahead and finish it off in a regular braid down as far as we can go and then secure it with an elastic. Now take this tail and if you lift up right where that part line is you can kind of tuck this tail back under the braid all the way back around and that helps to hide the tail. And then when you get this part, you can take a bobby pin and just pull that has hair strand over as far as possible so that it looks and hides where we started and ended as the best we very can. And look up. There’s your starburst braid. And turn around so you can see the whole thing. It’s a pretty fancy look without being too much work. So I hope you all enjoyed the starburst braid tutorial and I’d love to see pictures of how you style it in your own hair. Now if you’ve been following my blog, you know that we’ve been nominated as one of the top mom blogs of. If you’ll click on the description below, I’ve provided a link or you can find it where else? In the banner of our YouTube blog. It’s a little pink circle. You can click on that. And also on our website. So you just click on the button and then click a lot vote us. We would love to win. It would be amazing. Vote every hours phones, computers tell your friends all of that. And we’ll see you guys next Sunday. See ya. Hi. Yeah, I like it. Hi! Look at me. Hi! Bye. See ya.

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