Starburst French Braid Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Gracie. And this is my mom Karen.

And we’re from learn beauty care stuff. And today my mom will be showing you have to do a starburst French braid. And this is what it looks like.

So let’s get started okay. I started by putting her hair. And a slippy side part here.

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And then, I pulled her hair back in a ponytail leaving just about an inch away from her hair these of this hair then, I’m going to split her hair in half in equal parts, I’m going to put this on the side, I’m gonna just clip it. So that’ll be out of my way, I’m going to use this side as my adding pieces. So you coming up front here you’re going to take a slice of the hair but this much her hair is wet you can do it dry but, I like to do her hair wet because is that why ways that, I need to control with wet hair.

So you can you split the hair in half then you’re going to take a piece from the back on this half of the ponytail you’re going to take a slice of it you’re going to add that slice as a as the braid. So this is what it will look like you’ve got three three strands for the brain okay. So you’re going to start off doing a French braid right in here.

And here you look up you’re going to just add just add the slices of hair from each side to each of the strands it’s basically a French braid you just add the pieces from the side of the ponytail. And I use this guideline right here to align my brain you just go all the way around to the other to the end of your strands on this side okay. I’m on my last strand for this half of the ponytail, I’m just going to braid it down a little.

And temporarily have it he’ll put a clip or elastic band whichever one, I have available to me. And temporarily hold that like this now, I’m just going to go on the other side. And finish that off take a slice split it he’s here.

And what, I’m going to do is take this here. And then just pull it through to this just stitch it right in here just like that. And that’ll be my third strand just.

So that way there is no interruption it’ll just keep continually flowing okay. I’m going to continue to braid look a queasy okay. So now that, I’m here at the end of my last strand, I’m going to just take this apart.

And, I’m just going to unravel just a little bit until, I get to this part here put these together, I’m just going to do a regular braid you could do it any way you like go down like a regular braid tie it off in the last bin. And see how it’s going down a little bit it’s not fluffy, I just pull it up a little just to make it. So it’s puffy okay.

So you could you can either take a pin. And bobby pin it or it really doesn’t need it though but you don’t like that space there but, I think it looks good okay. I you would like you could put any kind of accessories in you like, I just put a bow just.

So that is like this nice pretty effect. So just your brains to the way you like them put a little hairspray. And there you have it thank you.

So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial. And noting joy to puts give a thumbs up. And comment to link below.

And don’t forget to watch all of the drawers. And Happy New Year bye guys fine.

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