1/2 lb. bean curd, mashed 1/2 lb. ground pork

1 tbsp. each chopped scallion and ginger Salt and pepper powder to taste

2 eggs

1 tbsp. wine

2 tbsp. cornstarch dissolved in water A few leaves Chinese cabbage heart

2 cups broth

4 dried mushrooms soaked in water

2 slices of ham

To Prepare:

1. Mix well mashed bean curd, ground pork, salt, chopped scallion and ginger, egg, wine, pepper powder, cornstarch. Roll the mixture into 4 balls.

2. Place the cabbage horizontally on a plate, and put the four balls on top. Add broth, salt and wine. Garnish with mushrooms and ham. Steam for 20 minutes and serve.


Because many beauty spa services are provided with the client in a robe or some other form of provided apparel, you should arrive for your appointment 10-15 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes that are not too difficult to take off and put back on. You’ll probably be more comfortable and secure if you don’t wear a great deal of jewelry to the session that you would need to take off and leave in your locker. Even though there will be a lock on your storage unit, eliminating the chance that it will be on your mind or worrisome will enable you to relax more completely. What you will wear during your stay will vary according to the services you plan to receive. For example, massage therapists usually give the client the option of keeping underwear on, or taking it off. During a massage, it is standard practice that only the part of the body being massaged is exposed, and you are otherwise covered with a sheet. You’ll receive protective covering, or be asked to put on a smock or a robe for various beauty treatments; nonetheless, wear clothes and shoes that you’re not worried about having stained, should a slip occur. If your visit will include water treatments, bring a swimsuit along in which you will be comfortable. After you let the receptionist know that you have arrived, and reminded him or her that this is your first time visiting the beauty spa, an attendant will show you where you’ll lock up your belongings and change into the traditional robe and slippers. Depending on the service you’re there to receive, you may be invited to spend some time before your appointment getting relaxed in a sauna or hot tub, and taking a shower afterward.

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