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Archaeologist uncovers nothing new

Stevie Jones is an archaeologist in the real world and this is his debut album, which comprises ten self written songs.

That sentence gives you all the factual stuff that you really need to know, to that I would add that everything on here, the playing, singing, arranging and production, is highly consummate and competent, and that, in a debut album, is highly commendable. But my major problem with this album are the lyrics, rather naively I thought that the knack was to write a personal song with general appeal. That doesn’t seem to be the blueprint for this album, as I’m not sure that anyone other than Mr Jones can glean anything significant from either reading or listening to them, unless you are another male archaeologist/musician of course.

That said, you can’t take away the fact that the whole thing chugs along quite nicely in a Frank Turner lite sort of way, that is before he became too commercial, plenty of strum and thrash to warm the cockles.

In conclusion, I feel neither love nor hate, but I do feel that album number two will be a whole lot better and look forward to hearing it whenever it reaches the surface. Ian Ambrose

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