Still Not Over It Jojo Fletcher Reveals It Would Have Worked Out With Ex Ben Higgins

I have a question about Ben if it would have happened do you think it would have worked out you think it would went on this is a weird question for me to answer. Because I’m very happily engaging in love hey you don’t mean answer no I. But I I feel this way about you as a person I feel like Ben is an amazing guy, and I obviously think the world of you, and I think. That y’all had a very great strong connection like it was very obvious, and being someone who was dating him as well I was like he doesn’t have that and. So there was definitely that connection I think Jojo is very good in just relationships friendship she’s very you’re good at them I work hard at relationships I think that’s the thing that has been a very great quality of mine. But, it’s also been a weakness of mine at times is that I stayed in relationships that I haven’t I shouldn’t be in. Because I’ve wanted relationships to work. So much. So I think that maybe for that reason. I would have stuck stayed in a relationship. But I feel like I’ve grown. So much from that, and I will say even just the show in general. I am a such a different person now than. I was before I ever was on this show just from all the things that I’ve learned the things that you go through, and act like. I’ve definitely grown way more independent, and way more confident in myself as a woman and. So that was a benefit that came out of it. But just in general I think that probably would have been a reason why. Yeah it would have worked I think everything happened for a reason.

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Funny you look amazing look at this stuff the body what the heck do you do if they were reading Dallas with you guys what else can we expect to see for the rest of the season, and a lot of drama a lot of fun I think we have the best cast trip, it’s gonna be amazing, and I’m actually excited to read it. Because it was insane I don’t know. But I feel like, it’s gonna be really funny too I feel like there’s some really fun moments obviously we see everything on TV what do you think that we don’t see on TV is there anything that you wish we could see I’m usually grateful that some things don’t make it I don’t know sometimes I wish you could see more of our like family life more of our everyday life. Because I feel like that’s you know kind of what most of our worlds are you know like especially the ones with have kids that’s kind of our everyday life. So sometimes I wish there was more of that thank you so.

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