There are a selection of how of protecting dried herbs to protect their medicinal properties. Crucial level to recollect is to maintain them in dry and darkish circumstances.


• The only method is to place your herbs in two brown paper luggage, one inside the opposite. The baggage ought to be folded on the prime to the extent of the herbs and stored tightly closed with a big paper clip or garments peg. Hold the luggage in a dry cabinet or a drawer.

• Even higher, you’ll be able to put the dry herbs in a paper bag after which put this in one other container that may be tightly closed: a tin, glass jar or plastic bag that may be sealed. Such storage provides the herbs the possibility to breathe and on the identical time minimises the impact of seasonal adjustments in temperature and humidity. Hold the container in a dry cabinet or a drawer.

• You’ll be able to retailer your herbs in glass or china jars. You need to match the quantity of herbs to the scale of the jar: attempt to fill the jar to the highest and depart a small hole of empty area; if there may be a whole lot of empty area in your container the herbs will lose their perfume to the air. Additionally, if the jar is translucent it’s essential to maintain it away from the sunshine or your herbs will fade in color and lose their medicinal properties.

• I don’t suggest protecting dried herbs straight in a plastic bag except it’s for a brief time frame – as an example, if you wish to take dry herbs with you on vacation.


• Leaves, flowers, combined leaves and stems will maintain for as much as two years, however on occasion test rigorously that the color and odor usually are not deteriorating. Additionally it is value checking for any pests: sometimes some eggs or larvae might survive the drying course of.

• Roots, seeds, berries will maintain for as much as 4 years.

• Some authorities suggest a lot shorter durations of storage, however, in my expertise, if the herbs are saved effectively their medicinal properties final effectively too.

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