Straight Medium Length Haircuts With Layers


Unless you have an amazingly elfin face, short cropped hair can look very butch and severe. Try a short bob instead, which is sleek and sophisticated and suits a greater variety of face shapes.

Why are so many of us drawn to places like Florida and Arizona during the winter months and become snowbirds? One simple reason. We are cold! As a youngster, I used to dread having to visit older relatives. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them and the treats they always had for me and the other kids.

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I wasn’t too crazy about Tomato Aspic or Cream of Celery soup for lunch, but there were always cookies, too. They were ofen Hydrox rather than Oreo or something homemade, but hey, a cookie was a cookie back then. The thing that really bothered me was the heat.

Invariably, their homes, apartments, or assisted living rooms were nudging thermostats toward Death Valley norms, no matter what the season. The central air (if it was even on) would push tropical breezes throughout their homes, ensuring longevity to any self-respecting palm or eucalyptus tree. While my T-shirt would begin sticking to my sweaty chest within moments of arrival, the featured hosts would sit un-perspired in a heavy sweater, often with a hefty comforter wrapped snuggly around their legs.

A shawl was often draped around the shoulders or at the ready to be whisked into service the moment the heat pump failed.

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