How to straighten hair without chemicals

Showering in hot water is not only drying to the skin, but to your hair as well. Hot water also activates frizz and FADES COLOR substantially! We all know heat expands, right? Hair is not ar exception to this rule. Shower in lukewarm/cool water and you’ll see a big difference.

When washing, only wash once and concentrate shampoo on scalp area only. Keep in mind your scalp is not ‘dirty’ …so no need to scrub. If your scalp is oily, scrubbing stimulates oil production. For dry scalps, it irritates and dries the skin even more.

Do not rub/scrub the hair when towel drying. Causes frizz, breakage, AND color fading. Pat anc squeeze.

Do not wash your hair for at LEAST 4 days after color.a week for reds. (I’ve seen this work!) know it’s hard, but it’s worth the pain. Your hair has been through a chemical process, it needs time to ‘rest’ and relax. This is especially true if a toner (ie: lowlights) has been used. Like a stain on your clothes, the longer it stays in, the harder it is to get out. Give the color time to ‘set’ and attach to your hair. Imagine after a color application, the color molecules are swimming around freely inside your hair. Given time, they will attach themselves to the hair leading to more permanent results. You’ll be amazed at how much better your color lasts until

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